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I can recommend this running light

A few weeks ago I asked how much light do you need to run by as the evenings were about to start drawing in. On recommendation from this forum I purchased the Kalenji running light from Decathlon at £29.99. Just wanted to share that it is fantastic! Despite running along a dark lane through the woods I haven't had to go above the lowest setting...yet. The straps seem to be infinitely adjustable for all body shapes and it's less annoying than having a light strapped to your head.

Eager to share my joy with fellow runners I see Decathlon now no longer offer the identical light - they have one at £29.99 that looks slightly different and a cheaper one at £15.99 that has a reflector rather than a flashing light on the back. I would say go for the more expensive one as:

a) less chance of you getting run over from behind

b) the additional expense means you have to keep running to get your money's worth

PS If I start using the zombie running app, I may use maximum light power, day or night, just to be sure...

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I used mine throughout last winter, i love it! There is no way you can be missed.

I seem to recall someone on the forum last year saying their running club insisted all had one of these for evening runs with them- that was a good enough endorsement for me and I havnt been disappointed 💫

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Thanks for the heads up for folks:)


I have recommended this many times on here - it's fab isn't it? 👍😀


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