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Well I've just finished my last run of week 8 and the furthest I've ran to date is 4.09K so I don't see me making 5K 😣 Also WK8R1 and 2 after these runs as soon as I've stopped I got a twinge in my left knee which hurts for a while then goes I never thought much of it until yesterday when I was feeling a dull pain in it so before my run this morning I decided to wear a support as it was still slightly achey seemed ok on the run but again when I stopped it started to hurt. It still hurts a bit now and when I straighten my leg I can hear a crunching in my knee 🙈 has anyone else had this or know what's going on ...... thanks

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It is very rare that someone is doing the 5k in 30 minutes. I'm doing 5k in between 39-41 minutes so the plan is to just keep doing the 5k 3x week and with time it will improve. But as I am not trying to win any race then it does not matter how long that takes.

I'm no doctor but am wondering if the knee is hurting these last two runs because you are subconciously trying to speed up which could mean longer strides and so hitting the floor harder? I dont know.

But if you havent felt it before after 8 weeks of running then why not try going back to your previous pace. Focus on the 30 minutes of running. Not the distance covered in that 30 minutes.

Maybe have an extra days rest then go back out for W8R3. And take it nice and slow.


Three more runs to go! 😀 Great work to have covered 4k in the time - that sounds like a really brisk pace that some of us only can dream of! But your knee doesn't sound so good - have you found that your legs are heavier on the longer runs? I have to try and remind myself to run lightly, as many wise heads have advised on this forum, and it gets harder in the last five mins to avoid the occasional heavy thud on the ground, especially when running downhill. Rest well and I hope it feels better soon 🙂


Thanks guys yes legs have been feeling heavier and ur prob right about subconsciously trying to speed up will make a conscious effort to go at a slower pace like my usual pace think it's because of the thought of week 9...... definitely about the distance and not the speed .... Gonna rest it till Monday ready to start wk 9..... thanks for ur kind words help and support x


Seems like it's getting worse 😣 feeling very sore.....does this mean I won't be able to start my Week 9 nxt week 😢😢


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