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Week 6 run 2

Well, its goodbye to the walking breaks! Last one was today and its solid blocks of running from here on.

I found another nice flat route for today's run, loaded my phone up with some Tom Petty songs in tribute to an amazing singer songwriter and off I went. Pace was reasonably steady with second 10 min run was a bit slower than the first. I could feel myself slowing towards the end but got a nice shot in the arm as Jo gave me the 60 second warning.

Amazed to have got this far, astounded to have achieved so much, mildly concerned over the loss of my walking breaks!, but above all still excited and determined.

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Embrace the running, slow and steady and relax into those lovely runs...

Give your running legs chance to find their happy pace:)

Well done!

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So you don't want to run non stop for 30 minutes?

No annoying breaks now, you can really get into your stride

Well done.


It’s great when you don’t have to walk anymore. You can just get into a nice steady rhythm and not have to slow down and then start all over again.

Just keep doing what you have been doing and keep a nice slow steady pace.

You’ll be fine.

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I ran to Running Down a Dream on Tuesday a great beat and a great man. And you sound as though you're doing great too....


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