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Couch to 5K
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Week 5...Run 3

Feeling pretty chuffed with myself as I managed to do the 20 minute continuous run this morning. When I started this 5 weeks ago, I never imagined I could do this! I even found a bit of a rhythm today and my breathing seemed a bit better. By the time It was over I even felt like I could have kept running and didn't take as long to recover as previously. Yay! This couch to 5k malarkey really seems to be working 👍

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Finding that rhythm... what I call ,our happy pace is great, and as the runs get longer, your legs start to do it, all on their own :)

Very well done:)


Indeed it is working!!

Keep running, keep smiling.


That’s the best run in this program as it tells your mind what your body was always capable of doing.

We all dread it and we are all chuffed when we do it and we are all chuffed for you as we know how you are feeling.

That’s one of the great things with this program...everyone in front of you has done what you are doing and is with you every step.

The other great thing about W5R3 is that you now have less runs left than what you have already done.

The breathing just kinds of clicks into place doesn’t it :)

(*shouts.......”Hey guys!!! I think we hooked another one!)

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Thanks for these replies 👍 Really loving this feeling that we are all in this together. The support is just great and very motivating xxx

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