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Week 7 struggles

Hi, I’m happy to say I’ve got this far but for some reason week 7 is a hurdle.

I’m doing the 25mins but having a 30sec plod in the middle (ish) before I pick up the run again.

Think it’s been complicated further cos was on cruise last week so run on tread (didn’t manage to run full 25 but completed the 35mins each time in total-with a 1-2 walk breaking it up each time). I have now come back with heavy dose of cold -tried x 2 to repeat the 25min run but still had to break it with a minute walk in middle!

I’m not rushing it, slow & steady being my middle name but what I’m unsure about is.....

Do I keep repeating these 3 runs until I crack 25mins without a little plod?

Has anyone else found this week a major hurdle and if so how did they get passed it?

I’m determined to do it but feel a little disheartened with this block 😳

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You're doing so well to notch up 35 mins! It sounds as though your cold may be the culprit here, after all that can sap our energy even before we're aware of any symptoms. Allow yourself to rest for a few more days, then head out and see whether you keep going for 25 or 28 mins. Having just completed W7, I've found that including some ups and downs on my route has helped me because I have had to vary my pace, slowing right down when I'm feeling it and then recovering enough to keep going and maybe pick up the pace. Don't lose heart - look at how far you've come 😊

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So a cold saps your energy... when you get to W7 you are at the continuous runs and if you can't do the W7 ones, I think you'd probably struggle with W8 or 9.

Having said that a couple of thoughts for you, every run builds your stamina and fitness, so it's not wasted effort and please don't be disheartened, you are adding to your fitness bank. Also at this stage cumulatively the effort may be taking its toll, if I had my time again, I would have taken an extra rest day from time to time to give me a little more rest in the bank.

Rather than focussing on the 'failure' and rest why not see if you can slow down your pace and see if you can run through the place where you do your 'rest'. The. If you can run for 20 Minutes like you did in W5, really there's no reason why you can't up the effort to run to 25 minutes.

Run the 25 minutes in your head and honestly the 25 minutes by your legs will follow.

Good luck and well done for having the grit to see it through despite your worries...


Thanks jancanrun, I am doing as you say and resting an extra day this week-am trying agin this weekend with a “I can do this” attitude-I know my head defeats me more than my body-I think also the “well done that’s 5 mins” & half way bell also have a negative impact on me so I’m just going to turn down the volume on the prog as I run, that way my head won’t “clock watch”

I am also thinking maybe going park run might “gee me along” as I’m very much a group person and love pilates, Zumba and yoga for that reason.

I think the “solitary-ness” of running is a put off for me! ( that’s the thing hubby loves about running but I’m much more of a social animal 😜)

Thanks for support

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