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Week 3 Run 2....YAY!!!!

I don't want to count my chickens too early, but I found that run the easiest so far, despite after the first 90 second run my ipod just stopped, so started it again. Since I started this I still feel the 3minute run is 10 seconds too long so I feel I am being pushed, but in week 1 I thought the 60 seconds was 10 seconds too long. And the wind was against me, and it was feeling pleased with myself

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You know every run will be at least 10 seconds too long...

And if you have wind and rain I am not sure 10 seconds too long covers it. Nicely done one third the way through. Congratulations


I can honestly say, when I am getting ready to go out for my 'joggle' I am trying to come up with excuses on why I cannot do it. But this forum keeps me going and I am always amazed that I have done another day; even the embarrassment of 'runners' passing me is diminishing.

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Sounds as though it's all going well


Well done... keep it going gently...breathe easily. take ti slowly and just have confidence on yourself:)


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