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Week 6 - R2

Well, I never thought I'd get this far Every run is more enjoyable and I think that's just because each time I do it I surprise myself in what I can manage! Jo suggested on the podcast today to have a go at upping my speed during the second 10 minute run which I did and it felt great. I tried a new route too which was different and made it more enjoyable thanks to the change of scene.

I'm very aware that I'll need to drop my pace for Friday's 25 minute run but that's not too overwhelming (last week I was terrified of the 20 minute run!) now as I'm feeling more confident in my own ability.

My mind keeps thinking about what next so I must be catching the running bug a little - 5k in 30 minutes will do me for now though!

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It's lovely you've got the bug. And don't be overwhelmed there's no need, if you did 20 you can do 25, to copy LeeU and his mantra...

Congrats on getting this far in, graduation not far away

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Just 30 minutes does most Graduates..keep it steady, keep it slow and enjoy the runs:) Well done!

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