Couch to 5K

I feel good...🎶...Knew that I would now...🎶

That's week 8 done!

Pavement pounding today, with a little bit of grassy incline thrown in for good measure (yes, I'm getting braver 😁).

For my last two runs, I've listened to my book on audible rather than music which I think is helping to get me through when it's feeling tough and I want to stop - I just hope I'm not missing any vital plot twists when MJ speaks to me!

Foolishly, I forgot to do my warm up dynamic stretches before I went out, as I was so wrapped up in starting Michael, my book and MapMyRun up at the same time, and then wrestling my phone and door keys into my flip belt. So I did some high knee lifts as I went out the door and set off on my brisk walk. Made sure I did plenty of stretches when I got home.

I haven't used MapMyRun before, so it will be interesting to compare my stats and monitor my progress as my runs increase. Rest assured, there's no fear of me trying to go too fast too soon though!

James Brown's song burst into my mind while I was having my post-run shower - yes, I feel good, and I know I can do week 9!!!!

Right, off to rake through my wardrobe to look for a frock, my hubby and I are out for a posh dinner tonight to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary 😄

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congratulations on your anniversary and have a super evening :)

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🎶🎶 Your run has given me an earworm... An anniversary and final week comin' up – enjoy your celebrations!

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Well done on getting W8 done and using Map My Run I've found handy for the kilometre prompts, but sometimes I find the combo of music, MapMyRun and MrSmooth can get a little awry from time time...

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