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W5R2 - not as hard as expected!

I thought that this weeks runs would be too heavy a step up from W4 but yet again the programme does its job.

Part of me is still not looking forward to my next run, but then again I wasn't looking forward to this week either and so far I have managed both runs.

Totally amazed when I look back to my faltering first 60 seconds runs.

Anyone looking at this week and feeling anxious just don’t think about it too much. Get on with it! Just believe in yourself.

For me next run I will spend tomorrow stretching to get rid of as many aches as possible, if I do it great - if I don’t do it then maybe a 2nd W5R3 and then try again! Either way I WILL get there.

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Nicely done and good luck for R3, I am sure you will be fine, you've been working your way through steadily.

Happy running next time out

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