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W2R2 Another lesson learnt

So W2R1 I went too fast & barely survived the final run. W2R2 I went much slower so my breathing was fine, however, I had a cup of tea & biscuits at 14:00 & didn't eat anything before I went for a run at 17:30. BIG MISTAKE! My legs were crying after the brisk warm up walk! I really hope, with the lessons learnt, the next run goes better as I haven't enjoyed W2 at all so far.

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Well done you did it and are learning lessons too.

Go to the front of the class.

I wouldn't worry about not having eaten for three and a half hours before a run. Your body has plenty in reserve for runs of C25k length.

Hydration though is a different matter. To go that length of time without a drink is not a good idea. The NHS recommends you drink at least 1.2 litres per day. If you are exercising you need considerably more and this needs to be taken in at regular intervals throughout the day. I drink in excess of twice that recommended amount daily, running or not.

Tired muscles and heavy legs are a possible symptom of poor hydration.

Keep running, keep learning.


I didn't think to mention that I was drinking water during that time too but I was, just no food. I drink between 2 & 2.5 litres a day when I'm not running but that time of day is the worst for my hydration as I have over an hours commute home & need to make sure I don't need to use a bathroom on that journey!

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I am learning so many "little lessons" in these first few weeks of C25K!!! I think that's what helps push us through is getting smarter and learning the little tips and tricks with each passing run!!! You're doing great! :)


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