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TomTom Runner 3 Music Watch

I wrote a message but I'm not sure that it has posted so apologies if this is duplicated. I purchased this sports watch on Saturday and it works with my Samsung s7 phone I can sync it and get the app but I cannot load music on to it from my Google play and this where I store all my music. Has anyone come across this before and how did you manage to transfer music, it says on the manual that mp3 can be used but I have no idea how to this. It's a good watch but this is so complicated 😝 and I am not computer literate .

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I don't know anything about this watch. Try asking the question on YouTube. It is usually very good for videos and demos explaining how to use tech items. Give it a try.

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This is why I am not a big fan of running watches that play music. A running watch should be fantastic at tracking your runs. Music should come from a device that is fantastic at playing music (like an iPod or phone).

To answer your question - it depends where the actual music files are held in your Google Play. See this post on the tomtom forum:

Unless you are a bit of a wizard in iTunes or Windows Media Player, it is going to be tricky:

The watch is famously picky about the file format for the mp3 files, and then you've got to get them into itunes on your PC, and then onto the watch. Unfortuntely you cannot sync your watch and S7, and have it sync your running playlist from Google Play (which would be the correct way for the watch to behave).


I don't know if this will help....

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