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Any good hill training advise?

So I have a 5K race coming up at the end of October and the race includes lot's and lot's of hills (the race is called "The Halloween Hill Run"). I know a spot where the trails are used for cross country skiing so there are a variety of hills. So I am wondering if any one has any tips on how I can go about hill training?

Much appreciated xo

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You don't have long before race day but you could try some hill climbing

You Jog very slowly up your chosen slope, stopping for a breather when you need to. When hills are very steep most folks walk them as it's quicker. You will see that on the day and can take your cue from other runners.

Enjoy your training runs and the race day itself. Have fun 😃


You could come here and do the flatish course fermanaghomagh.com/event/en...


I would begin to incorporate some inclines in your training route. BUT do not try repetive hill repeats ...... you need to build these slowly to avoid over use injury. I would leave that until after your race. If you know the race route you could run / walk that a few times before the event.

Remember to enjoy!


step up (hah no pun intended) all your accessory excercise work. Add some (light to begin with) weight to your lunges and calf raises, add one more set to your squats.


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