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W3 down!

Just got back from finishing W3R3! Onwards and upwards.

I really wasn't feeling it today, which is odd because the runs earlier in the week felt quite easy and had lots of run left in my legs at the end.


New trainers - very comfy and bouncy. I think the padding in the old ones must have been worn right down. Also quite interesting to get gait tested.

Think the breathing is getting easier, I was struggling with it more last week.


Knees a bit achey (think the various leg muscles are taking it in turn to ache .. ankles fine this week though) so did some extra stretches and also blister from new trainers. I think it's just wearing them in, but put on pop sox under regular socks today and it was fine.

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Some runs are like that..but you did it! Make sure, as the programme progresses, that you put in some stamina and strength exercise on the rest days.. and plenty of stretching after runs too!

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Nice job on getting through your run! I've only been at it since May but I've seen it get easier with time and it's so worth it down the line as your body adjusts.


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