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First park run

W7 awaits on Tuesday but I had a long standing arrangement with my daughter and granddaughter to do my first park run today. Some of you said it was too early and you weren't wrong. The run was on wet, and slightly muddy, grass when I am used to pavements. The going was hard. I did complete it but won't do another until I have graduated from C25K. (The park run in my home town is on tarmac through the local park so that will suit me much better anyway!) Looking forward to W7R1 in 3 days' time. 🙂

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Well done for completing it eileen69! When you do another park run, after you have graduated, you will have the experience of knowing what to do and what to expect and will fly it!


Just for fun.. and that was what you did :) Wonderful... aplenty of time :)

Take it slow and steady and carry on having fun:)

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Its great that you had a go eileen69 and lived to tell the tale! Way to go!


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