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W4R3 - This time - and only a little wet!

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Set my alarm for 8am after a very late night but somehow awoke at 7:15 ready to roll. Got up checked the incoming cloud formation dressed and out. First 3 fine, 1st 5 fine - 2nd 3 tough again. Final 5 not bad but really slow and steady - I swear I saw a rabbit and a tortoise pass me!!

Finished the run and for a laugh the gods opened the clouds to give me a gentle dousing of rain - almost timed to perfection! Could have been worse scheduled for heavy rain at 8! And it looked so promising!

After week 1 when I was thinking of redoing the week I can’t believe I have finished week 4 - it might be taking me a little longer but I really don’t care - it’s great to be doing something that I know will help my health. I have struggled with every run 1 of every week so I know that Monday/Tuesday will be difficult but I also know I will feel great at the end of the week (ish).

Thanks to all on the forum for giving support to all of us - it really helps - even the gentle suggestions about running in the rain :)

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Woohoo, sounds great! Absolutely doesn't matter if it takes longer to get through the weeks. Bring on week 5, rain or no rain!

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