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Trail running Betteshanger Park Nr Deal Kent. Uk


Completed a 6.5km run this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Averaged 14 per mile, which considering the terrain isn't too bad. Steep hills etc . Was a great run. Could have run for longer , breathing etc is nearly there now. Can talk to friend whilst running and take in the surrounding scenery . Just a week ago I was struggling with even a mile of trail running. Now after pushing myself to get out each morning the results speak for themselves.

Try and improve upon time per mile now, however the nature of the trail will dictate speed as can be and is tricky to navigate in places. If I can do it at 51 yrs of age anyone can.

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Blimey that sounds like fun! 6.5km is great too. Someone else on here suggested having a go at this. Mind you steep hills and trips, plus I am a right clumsy cow too. Nice to be in nature though. Sounds like you are a great job!

Brads51 in reply to Fishypieface

It's fun. Just have to use shorter strides compared to road running. And also good off road trail trainers

Brads51 in reply to Fishypieface

Your pace is much shorter trail running and always changing footing to allow for stumps rocks etc.. don't expect good times because that don't happen when trail running.its all about being cauituis to where your feet land.

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