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Injury woes


So I am up to week 5 run 3 but not able to do yet as I have had a problem with my ankle swelling (possible tendonitis) and all advice seems to be to rest.....but it is so frustrating as I am desperate to get the 20 minute (eek) run done to stop it hanging there like a spectre at the feast! I hope to be able to run again next week (it's only been 4 days so far but my run reminder keeps popping up and I feel so guilty having to move the day again!) but not sure whether I should be just repeating week 5 or go straight to where I left off? Any ideas people?

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Get the injury sorted first. If it is tendonitis (and I hope you have had a diagnosis from someone reliable) it can take a varying amount of time to recover and if you return too soon, it will flare up and set you back again.

Once it has properly settled, you will know how long the gap has been and you can judge how you feel and so whether to repeat a run (just the one I would say) or carry on from where you were.

Thanks ....very helpful. I certainly don't want to exacerbate the injury so I will bide my time (says she through gashed teeth!).

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