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W6R3 part 2

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Well, thanks to you lovely people who encouraged me yesterday, I got up and when it was just light went off to do this. As Laura was talking to me telling me to start the usual 5 minute warm up walk and checking that I had done everything up to now, I began to think that I might have to do Week 6 again. However, I got going and only went and did it! 25 minutes of running and actually felt at the end that I could have gone on a bit longer. So thank you again. You got me through. Bring on W7. (It was nice to hear Laura say that I can now consider myself a runner, too!) x

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That 20 mins is great isnt it :)

So you are more than half way through the program. You'll breeze through W7

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Fabulous work! It sounds as though you had a great run 😊 I just did the same run myself and it really does stretch us! Looking forward to W7.

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eileen69 in reply to sjs1969

Well done to you, too!

Well done Eileen 😊

That few days break did you no harm at all..you just went out and ran for 25 mins😄...

Fantastic...as Laura says you are a proper runner now..its official😊x

Good luck with Week 7, you have got this now...😎

Thanks Jan-now-runs. I am feeling pretty chuffed! x

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RUNNER!!! Wow..well done you!

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eileen69 in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss. You came to mind when I started running - take it slowly - and I did - with success, so thank you very much.

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Well done!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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