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Putting on weight!!!

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I had my yearly asthma check today and everything was really good , my peak flow had improved, all other things were well within normal range until I got on the scales .... to my horror I had gained 2kgs. Now I didn't start this to lose weight even though I know I need to maybe drop a stone. It's hard for me to lose or stay the same as I have Hashimotos - auto immune illness where my thyroid doesn't work properly. But I'm on week 4, and have had lots of comments on my weight loss, plus my clothes feel much better ... yet I have actually gained weight. Has anyone else had this happen, I feel really fed up now, not at all motivated to do run 2 tomorrow.

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If you look more toned, your clothes fit better and you are getting compliments what are you worrying about.

People say that muscle weighs more than fat, but as long as you eat sensibly and don't eat extra treats too often you should continue to look fitter, healthier and amazing.😊x

I agree with Jan, you're likely to be toned up, that's what people are noticing, and yourself of course with your clothes. There is certainly evidence that muscle is heavier than fat, and that's its not unusual to see some odd increases at the beginning. If you feel good that's all that matters. Well done on getting to week 4! Good luck and stay happy and healthy 👍👍

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Yes I have also gained around 4lbs, but I look more toned and my work skirts are looser...my advice? Ditch the scales!!! 😜

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FlossnCharlieGraduate in reply to Polly2810

I never weight myself but the nurse always does at my check ups 🙁

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BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to FlossnCharlie

Tell her you are a runner now😊x

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Try taking your measurements and compare those over time rather than the scales. Also take pictures of yourself in the same outfit maybe once a month so you can SEE the difference. A pound of muscle takes up much less room than a pound of fat so if you replace a pound of fat with a pound of muscle you will still weigh the same but you will be smaller - does that make sense? Keep going it is doing you good and toning you up.

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nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to KKThomas

I agree taking measurement is a good idea.

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I am not happy with the way weight checks are done in health service settings. I believe the machines themselves are checked but because staff are in a hurry, people are overdressed, often randomly. My Dad was recently weighed at a 4 weekly appointment with his shoes on because they told him they didn't have time for him to take his shoes off - if you don't have time for an accurate measurement, don't waste time doing it at all IMHO. Either you genuinely need to know what is really happening or you don't

I can put on 2kgs overnight and then lose 3 the next day for no readily apparent reason... (this is why I weigh myself naked every morning so I fuss less about changes that are just 'noise')

But ultimately the key to a healthy lifestyle is to just do the right things. Of course the rewards are nice, and of course for many of us it is what gets us started, but decoupling the activity from the need for 'instant' gratification from some secondary effect is what makes it sustainable... and when it is sustained, then you have a good chance of those other results. I've told this story before but years ago my husband and I both decided to lose weight. He lost loads in the first four weeks, I lost diddly squat. But which one of us gave up and which of us got to a healthy weight?

But other people think you look as though you've lost weight, your clothes are more comfortable... you know really you are moving in the right direction. You'll feel much better when you've been for that run.

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Lots of things make a 2kg weight difference. Including different scales! But also time of day, dehydration etc. It doesn't matter what you weigh, you look & feel better and your health has improved. If you remember the TV programme The Gladiators, those women were really desired and they weighed quite a lot more than most people think. Forget the numbers on the scales and look in the mirror :)

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Looking fit is what counts. I looked absolutely wretched at both ends of the...emmm...scale :)

Came back from Asia years ago weighing 87 pounds. At 5'11" that made me look like a zipper when I stood sideways and stuck my tongue out, as one young lady so succinctly put it.😂

Flash forward to last year. In February I went to 205lbs and looked like Jabba the Hut in his dotage...

Nowadays I hover around 104 - but I am ever so slightly...lol, no pun intended...quietly pleased with how I look when I catch a glimpse of my shilloutte in a window or whatever :)

The most stunningly attractive lady I know weighs probably 20 or 30 pounds more than "they" tell her she "should". And anyway a lot of her stunning-ness is in her smile and her kind friendly manner.

You ladies need to be careful about what Hollywood is trying to sell when it comes to body shapes etc. Please believe me when I say most of those chicks are NOT that attractive in reality.

Anyway lean muscle weighs more than fat. Knew a guy who looked like an arthritic fountain pen once but wieghed well over two hundred lbs. 5'6" but a muscle :)

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Why fed up.. feeling fitter, looking good... running! You are doing brilliantly!

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I started this program to get fitter and lose weight. Then everyone says it’s not a weight loss program- which I get. However I am on week 4 and have lost 11 lbs to date. But - at times I see the weight going up in stupid numbers and then down again a couple of days later.

I am finding the running is helping me to focus on myself- drinking more water and reducing my portion sizes to try and make it work. I think it has improved my attitude.

I would say don’t get frustrated with weight going up, others have said that the fat goes to muscle which is why you look better and may not automagically lose weight. But if you are more active it should be helping your general health. I have my asthma review next week :)

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