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Missed one out by mistake

Missed one out by mistake

So with all the zipping about in the US and Canada it looks like I accidentally went from W5R3 to W6R2.

I still kept the days rest in between I just seemed to have jumped forward in the program.

So will that prevent me from graduating if it shows they are not all complete? I don't really want to go back to running with walks now that I am pushing out the 25 minute runs.

I suppose the other option is that I just press the 'run now' on the app whilst making dinner?

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Oh GB now I am going to be your nasty nagger. We could blame jet lag, the confusion between international time zones etc. But she says putting on her best judgmental, parental voice " you'd only be kidding yourself"

Btw not even a parent, so not really qualified to put on that voice....

I think but am not sure the point is that you do do all the runs.... there is a post somewhere here that describes the graduation qualifying I'm sure.


Looks like it's a step back to an earlier run then :)

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You knew I was going to say that anyway ... you can swear at me that's fine, I have broad shoulders and I'm in Italy it's a long way to carry the echo...


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