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Running in the Rain...Week 8, Run 1 (newbie post)

Running in the Rain...Week 8, Run 1 (newbie post)

Yesterday was my first run in Week 8. I really struggled with week 7 and though I completed each run, my pace was slower and I had to fight with myself to keep running the whole way.

I had a 3-day break between week 7, day 3 and week 8, day 1. I planned on a Monday run, but it was pouring outside. On Tuesday, it was pouring again! I had to go though. I'm so afraid to 'fall off the wagon'. So, I went.

Not only did I go, but I was able to run further and faster than I ever had! I was averaging close to 9/km pace, but this time I was able to run 4.2km with an 8:29/km pace! I started during a slow rain and ended up getting poured on, but it was so very worth it. I was soaked - and smiling - when I got home.

I'm now dreading the end of the week. Though I'm proud of the accomplishment, I'm worried about how I'll do once the app is completed.

Any recommendations on what to do once the Couch to 5K is finished?

Happy running!

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At this stage... slow down... it is so much fun if you do...:)

Slow and steady is the way... forget distance and speed if you can.... just concentrate on the running.. the joy of the longer runs... relaxing into them and finding your happy pace:)

No need for dread... just accept the fact that you can do this:)

When you have finished the programme... and have got that badge... this all goes on... and there is so much choice for you:)


I start W8 tomorrow, and I have also struggled with W7, although it doesn't help that every time I extend a run it has to be further uphill. But the views are nice! I too am wondering how to plan after the course has finished. The main advice given is to consolidate for a good few weeks. I'd like to do a park run I think, but I will do my own thing and do the 5 minute warm up walk as part of the 5k. Someone suggested the Zombie run! app. I'll have a look at that a bit later. I've enquired about joining a local running club to help stay motivated through the winter, but the lady who does the C25k runners is injured at the moment, and I really do enjoy running alone. I'd like to know if there ae any recommendations for a bridge to 10k app too. I'd leave it a bit before starting, but it's as well to have loose plans in place. I also want to try different routes, so I'd like to know if there's a good way to plan them. Like you I want to keep the momentum going, just in case I lapse.


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