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But when will I enjoy the running?

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Week 3 run 2 completed, feeling rather pleased with myself as I have been on holiday for the last 10 days and still managed to run 😎

But, lovely people in the cloud

Not sure I actually like the running! Hard to get my breath and keep going, does enjoying it come later? Hope so!

I do enjoy the warm glow I have afterwards


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I would say perhaps youre running too fast? When i slowed my running down i bEgan to enjoy it more instead of getting home feeling like I was about to keel over and die!

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loyton in reply to Jules2246

Jule2246 hey

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There is every possibility that you may NEVER actually enjoy the running while you are doing it. Why should you ? - nobody else does !! :) It is later that you think how much you enjoyed that run . :)

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Some people enjoy the physical act of running while others don't necessarily enjoy the running but love the sense of achievement of completing a run. You are currently in the early days of learning how to maintain a pace that is comfortable for you. It took me to week 7 before the breathing sorted itself out and I started to not have to think about it. Even once you get to this stage there will be good runs and bad runs with no reason behind it - the runs you don't want to do but force yourself to go out can often turn out to be the best runs!

Give it time, go slow and steady, and you will start to relax and achieve great things.

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Early days.... it will probably come over time, as you acclimatise to the new regime and your body stops protesting quite so loudly. One day you will notice that you are looking around, enjoying the sights and sounds or that you've been lost in your head and you will experience contentment to the core of your being


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I there are many different feelings people have... I have been running for 4 years now... sometimes I love a run, seeing the woods, the rain, on the beach etc. Other times I love the feeling of going fast and pushing. Then there are the times I'm so not in the mood, everything is tired and I'm not enjoying it.... but whatever I do, I feel better afterwards and I know it's good for me...l I suggest trying some runs in nice places, take it slow and enjoy the scenery.... 😎

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I agree that I began to enjoy the runs when I stopped puffing. What helped me to do that -- I concentrated on taking *longer* strides but *slower* -- amazingly this made it both easier and faster. Those lunge exercises strengthen your legs yes but they should also open up your hips to take longer steps. I also found that I don't "bounce" as much when I do that. And it's easier to relax.

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Maybe your pace or a little too fast. This was my problem at the start so I slowed it down, snails pace slow, and hey presto, I found my perfect pace.

The run after that my breathing levelled out and everything felt amazing and I realised that I loved being outside and running!! I found myself getting excited on run days and feeling sad on rest days! This didn't happen till WK5R2 but when it did I had the biggest smile on my face😁😁

Slow and steady. Slow and steady. Slow and steady. Did I mention slow and steady? Trust me it really worked and you'll fall in love instantly. Keep up the good work, you're doing brilliantly 😁

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Can't breathe = going too fast.

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