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Supplementary exercise for runners

Hello again!

I was curious about what the rest of you do on your rest days (or when, like me, you are on the IC) in terms of exercise.

I've been playing about with kettlebells lately (in a very limited kind of way, and not right now as my knee just isn't playing ball) and thoroughly enjoying them. Can anyone recommend any good guides/DVD/other instruction for using them? I know there is plenty of stuff on YouTube and have used the Jillian Michaels kettlebell DVD which is pretty straightforward and good fun. I like this sort of thing as it's quite dynamic so I don't get fed up of it easily.

I've used the Tracy Anderson workouts in the past and they obtain visible results but I find them time-consuming and a bit boring after a while.

Does anyone else have any preferences or tips for the best exercise to support running? Do you attend classes or do DIY stuff, and if so, what material do you use? I'm keen to find things I can do at home for those times I am under house arrest with the little people ;) (and that would not be totally ruined by people saying "Mum-meeeeee" every two seconds).

Thanks :)

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Absolutely nothing apart from walk the dog!

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Sounds good enough to me!


Strength and stamina exercises are really essential.. especially the strength ones... :)

I have a regime worked out for myself compiled from reading stuff and picking out exercises from the net.. I use one from Honolulu Trainer and some from Women's Running.. :)


I also somewhere... have a link for strength exercises with a Mama with the little one actually sitting on her as she exercised:)

Apart from that . walking, loads of it..( I walk about ten miles two days each week.. five a.m and five p.m with small granddaughter.. she is in her buggy however !!! Also, don't discount gardening... a mammoth housework binge.. all count towards rest day exercise ! Ha ha!

Found these too:)


Not sure how old your small ones are:)

Hope this may help?

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