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Week 3 complete

What a glorious morning! I woke early, even before my alarm and headed downstairs to get my running gear on. Two very sleepy and bemused dogs watched me get ready and head out to tackle my last run of week 3.

The sun was barely up and the only people awake were the local farmers who never seem to sleep anyway.

Living out in the countryside has a lot of advantages. My route this morning took me alongside a couple of big fields and at one point as I was running I noticed 2 deer running through the field beside me. I think they must be on at least week 8 because as I slowed down for a brisk walk after a 3 min run they kept running and showed no signs of slowing.

Still smiling at sharing my workout with the local wild life, I got back home to two still sleepy and bemused dogs who probably thought I had been out all night!

Looking forward to week 4 but away all next week so have to keep my excitement on progressing on hold. Roll on next Monday!

Good luck to all. Happy running.

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Fabulous! I share my run with pheasants, rabbits, hares and the occasional red squirrel ☺️👍 well done and keep going

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Duck 🦆 sheep 🐑 and cows 🐮 for me!


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