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Now my legs work, my head works!

I'm midway through week 6, taking my time due to shift work and today is a right-off for running as I've just finished nights and can't get off the settee!

Advice on here led me to get proper gait analysis and running trainers and stick to proper stretches after runs and on days off. My cramps are no longer and my bad knee doesn't now hurt and I can focus my mind elsewhere and just run. So thank you peeps.

If anyone is struggling with cramps and aches like I did, my new trick is a few yoga stretches before a run as you can feel it working and they are so easy to do.

Keep up the good work peeps and thanks for all the support!

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Well done you.... a positive and happy report :) Stretching before runs is a good idea always dynamic stretches and stretching afterwards essential for un-knotting any knots!

Now the runs get longer you can begin to find your happy pace, relaxing into the runs and really enjoying them:)


Are you supposed to do stretches even if you do the warmup walks or is that when you start to run longer? Next run for me is week 4.


I found that even though I was doing the warm-up walk, I was still getting cramps on really short runs. The lovely folk on here suggested I make sure I was well hydrated and make sure I stretched well. I found stretching before and after helps loads.

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