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Couch to 5K
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New but still on it!

Can't believe it's 17 days since I posted but, yay, I'm still on it. Thanks for all the lovely replies and tips which I'll definitely take on board😊 Took me until run 3 wk 1 to complete all the run sessions, but since then have successfully done it twice more, so can now move on to W2. Have actually surprised myself by choosing to run in the rain ...and wonder of wonder ...have joined a Beginners running course at my local running club. First run last night, and they are follwing C25K with us but with 15 mins of warm up circuit-type drills before the run and a proper cool down with stretches etc. I did it all but really hard! Most people there were at least half my age if not a third of it and I was definitely the slowest and last to finish, but I've just decided to suck up the embarrassment and go for it! Ache like crazy this morning even my fingers and forearms. So rest day is very welcome. Bring on the weekend!

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Well done you.. what a positive post... keep it slow and steady and do exactly as you are doing..never push too hard, or try to compare with others... This is your journey and you take it at your own pace.. as long as it is slow and steady :)


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