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Back on the IC 😤


Well it seems after my last knee injury I pushed myself too far too quickly and now I have been back on the IC for over a week. The knee pain is improving but I won't be running until it is completely pain free. This took 2 weeks last time but then I think I increased my time too quickly. Feeling less like a runner and disappointed that I am losing fitness.

When I am able to run again should I go back to a specific week on C25k??Last time I started with 14 mins which felt fine but I am so scared of setting it off again.

Having a running injury is sooooo frustrating!

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Oh dear.... I cannot quite remember, have you had the injury checked out...?

I know after nearly three weeks of self-treatment with my calf injury I di have to visit a Sports Physio.. which, although it meant another two weeks on the IC, did sort it:)

Make sure you do other exercise whilst on the IC... ( Not using that knee) Core strength and stamina are extremely useful...lots of info online too.

When you do get back to it, which you will... it really is a case fo very, very gently..A walk, a brisk walk can be an indicator and then a very slow Irishprincess jogette.... and then make a sensible decision..:)

I, because of the Physio's instruction had to start with walk/run.. very steady and no more than 20 minutes, ( each run) for ten days...and I had to run on firm surfaces:) Then up... ( back up to 7K now.. and hopefully all improving with each run):)

So it will happen for you:)

It may be worth seeing Sports Physio if you see what is going on?


Oh IJ - hope you get it sorted sooner than later but not too soon IYKWIM

I guess as regards starting again that Oldfloss has given you better advice than I could.

Get well soon


Have you had it checked out? Hope you are back running soon!

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