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W6 R1 Out of the Way

Following on from Sunday's 20 minute success I have done W6 R1 with a few modifications, I started the first 5 minute session at my original pace and then dropped back to my current pace, it's only 1k difference but it's there.

One the 8 minute run I did the first 6 minutes at my current pace and the last 2 at my original pace.

The last 5 minute run was half at my current pace and the other at current + .5kph. Again, not a lot but I still completed it all on a 2 degree incline.

Thoroughly enjoyed the run, can't wait for Thursday now, 2x 10 minute, I'm going to leave the runs are is and speed up the recovery walk I think, I'll see how I feel.

Good luck to all those doing either W5R3, W6R3, W7, W8 and W9, relax, enjoy it.

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Don't worry about pace at this stage. You have loads of time to play around with that after graduation 🙂

Well done on the run especially doing it on an incline 😯


Thanks, I was really just testing my own ability, I had to slow my pace a little to complete week 3 and I was wondering, given my ability now, even though it's only a few weeks later on I thought I'd just see if I can do it.

I always try to run on at least a 1 degree incline, in the earlier weeks it was as much as 4 or 5 but as duration has increased I've dropped it to ensure I don't get too tired too soon as my aim is to complete the runs without having to walk. Don't get me wrong, if I NEED to walk I will but while I can continue telling myself 'one more minute' I will.


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