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Week 4 problem!

Hi all,

I just completed the final run of week four but for some reason today killed me and I had to take an extra 30 seconds of walking before completing the last 5 minute run (which I made into 6 minutes to compensate).

Do you guys think I should rerun a couple more week 4s before staring week 5? Feeling really defeated because I'd already managed this run twice before this week without stopping ☹️

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If you finished the run, no matter how hard it, it's done. Move on. Loads of things can lead to a bad run. Not drinking enough in the day, tired, too cold/hot/humid, ran too fast, different route, random reason you can't determine. This programme teaches you lots of things and one of them is that not every run can be a good one, but that doesn't matter, just put it behind you, rest and see what the next one is like.


Nope you shouldn't because otherwise you could end up staying at Week 4 forever, it was just 30 seconds of walking. I think it was about this time when I mistimed my stop and missed out on running by 20 seconds or so, I asked pretty much the same question as you and everyone said move on...

Also nothing ventured, nothing gained. Try W5 R1 and see how you go. If it's too tough, then you can repeat that one run.

Good luck you are almost half way through now...


I found pretty much every week to be like that, but because I just about scraped through I carried on.... to the end. But - some days are better than others, SCB1is exactly right. Plenty of blips on the route to graduation! But we've all had them, you are not alone. You did it, you are doing great, keep on, slow and steady and you will be fine!


If you don't complete a run, repeat it...... not the week.

If you complete a run, move on.

Each run makes your body and your mind stronger, preparing you for the next one.

You can only fail if you go back to the couch.

Believe in the process.........it got you this far.

Believe in yourself........you can do this.


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