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Hello, I am new to this and new to couch to 5K. I have never really run in my life, but am feeling the urge to get moving! I have arthritis in my right ankle following a bad break 8 years ago, but that's about it health wise! Other than the fact I need to change my eating habits to become a healthier and trimmer version of myself!

Any help/tips gratefully received!

Thanks in advance and hope everyone has a good day! ☺️

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Best advice is, slow and steady... as simple as that.

Follow the programme, take your rest days... put some extra non-impact exercise in on those days too. Swimming, cycling, walking, strength and flex maybe:)


Do not be tempted to push yourself too hard, try not to compare yourself with anyone else and listen to your body:)

This is your journey... do it your way.. ask any questions you like and we will give all you the support and encouragement we are able to. The seasoned graduates have a wealth of experience, gained over the years of running...try linking with some other Newbies too. It is a great way to swap experiences and motivate each other:)

So.. the only thing now.. get out there and I shall watch for your first post :)


Thank you! Yes slow and steady is the best way to go! I have always compared myself to others, but am determined not to this time as this is my journey!

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm all set and have the couch to 5k app ready!

Thanks for the encouragement xx

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Well done!


Hi Mrs, you have cometo the right place, lots of experienced people on here to help you, we also have two wonderful mentors to advise you. Good luck and keep posting as you progress.


I will thank you!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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