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W6R3 Holiday Hills, no thank y ou!

My usual Saturday elation has had to wait until today. I was on holiday this week in Newquay and could not stomach the hills. I did one run during the week so it means I've had to cram since I returned on Friday.

I completed W6 today and felt amazing, well not so amazing physically but mentally I'm feeling strong.

I ran past a couple 3 times on my run tonight and am surprised how much of a boost it gave me seeing their slim torsos approaching at points which showed I'd kept a decent pace (They were doing the clockwise hard way round 😉).

Anyway, week 6 on the bag. Hope you've all had an amazing week. Now I have a decent data signal I'll check out your updates.

Happy Sunday everyone! 👍👟🏃

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well done and yes the mental/physical well being all improves with this exercise lark


Very well done you.. the hills can come later :)

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