Howz that pace!

Howz that pace!

I know I am running too fast because my breathing is hard. My problem is it is harder for me to go any slower. I don't know if this makes at all. The slower I go the harder it is to lift my legs and I feel like transitioning into a walk. I can go slower and converse without issues on treadmill; and my breathing is more comfortable then. I am finding slow and steady is harder for some reason. I really want to go slow to run for longer. I have no need to go fast but finding myself going fast(for me of course) and just trying to avoid flatlining. More importantly I don't want any injuries.


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  • Yes, this is exactly how I run - I feel like I'm virtually walking. I don't know what to advise you but I guess you have to remember that the less you move the more energy you save - so I guess lifting your legs will make it harder. I don't know - I'll let someone with my experience comment but I run in exactly the way you describe.

  • I will try this next time. Probably use my next run to experiment. However it goes will be miles in the pocket and learning experience.

  • Wow ๐Ÿ˜ณ great stats!! Question-what app are you using to time the individual parts of your run?

  • RunKeeper. Have to enter a custom workout for C25K. Easy to setup.

    Gives you splits and some other stats too. Those who have can even connect some other gizmos like heart rate monitor, cyborg shoes and wotnot

  • Thanks. I'll give it a go. Well done again on your run ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 7:47 pace is ok. If you continue to run at that pace you will feel much more comfortable at that pace as you get stronger and fitter. In a few weeks post graduation you will find that a 7:30 pace will be your easy run conversational pace and you will be able to run for 30 mins at a pace less than 7:00. Well done on your success so far. Your almost at the finish line.


  • Thanks so much. Let's see where I am at with the next run.

  • Maybe... it does not work that way for everyone...( Many folk wish it did,,, :) ) but we all do get fitter and stronger :)

  • Running slowly non-stop can be quite difficult. Don't be ashamed to run/walk - run until you feel the need to walk - then walk until you start to feel guilty!! :) Rinse and repeat - won't be long before your stamina improves .

  • Got you. Thanks.

  • I see from your last post that you prefer running outside now, and it is different from the treadmill because you have to change pace, go up kerbs or maybe run on an uneven bit...

    This means your pace will fluctuate naturally and it is harder than a treadmill. I think just more practise outside will be helpful (forget the stats for a bit) just trying the slower, sustainable pace...your breathing will regulate after a few mins and distance/time will follow.

    Good luck๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Is this an inside or outside run? Before I respond, I just wondered..:)

  • Outside

  • Sorry..just read another reply.. this is an outside run..:)

    I agree with Jan-now-runs ... a few more outsides and different routes and surfaces...if you are breathing too hard, then you do need to try to find that happy slower,pace... try landing lightly and really just relaxing into the runs..let your legs take you forward, and try not to overthink it...

    Also, are you keeping up your core-strength and stamina exercises on rest days... we do sometimes neglect these and they are so is not just our running legs we are building is the rest of our body too! :)

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