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Week 2 run 2. Don't like uphill :)

Well week 2 run 2 is done, but due to the towpath being a quagmire, I had to run on local roads. The nice thing about canals is the they don't generally go uphill, well unless they have locks.

Suddenly these local roads with their gentle slopes were a bit like mountains! I was really feeling it in my ankles. I ended up running on the same 2 flat-ish roads. Oh, and did I mention it was raining?

Anyway, got it done, next run Tuesday :-) Thanks all for your support and encouragement.

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I'm the same with hills. I've got a nice flattish route I do but it can be busy at weekends. Had to do w5 r2 today and really needed it flat. But managed the first 8 min run, really pleased at getting past 5 mins. I've repeated this week as 5 mins was a mental barrier.

the end of the second 8 mins was at a really steep bit and felt my heart and legs were really struggling so walked for a few paces (was already really slow!) but overall very pleased at breaking my own 5 min barrier. I picked up again and ran a bit in the cool down to make up for it. My walk home takes more than 5 mins anyway so still got a cool down.

Where I live it's got to be hills if I'm going to go any sort of distance so I'm going to get used to them.

Yes it was raining here too. Well done us!!!

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Awesome! Well done for breaking the 5 min barrier. I struggled to do 90 seconds today. This slow and steady thing really works you know :-)


Rain and hills never a big encouragement for a new runner. But you did it and after your next run you are no longer a new newbie... how does that feel?


I did, you're right! Though I am very aware of how far I have to go, looking back to where I've come from in just 5 runs, it's pretty amazing. I'm really trying to focus on just one run at a time.

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