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For those just starting Couch to 5K


Well done to all those starting Couch to 5K. If I can do it, you can and will do it too. That's not saying it's easy - but keep sticking to programme and you will get there. I've repeated a few weeks and have now started week 8 and so pleased to get here.

After first couple of weeks, I never dreamt I would be running for 28 mins but the feeling was incredible. I let out a little cheer in park in front of woman walking her dog.

It's taken me about 10 weeks rather than 8 to get here but I'm happy with that as have a long commute after working day. I suffer from low moods and sometimes struggle to get out to run after a bad day at work, or on a Saturday when just want to stay in bed. I've occasionally felt like giving up half way when anxiety kicks in after a mile or so, but kept going with music playing as the great feeling at end is worth fighting through.

Can't wait to finish 9th week and graduate - after running on Saturday I feel my legs may need an extra day to recover. Although, not sure I should put off what I should be doing tonight!

Will strangely miss it if I don't go tonight which I never thought I'd say 😊 Running allows me to continue eating those Waitrose pecan yumyums I'm addicted to with slightly less guilt! Maybe they undo the good work, but life is too short not to have odd treat still!

This community definitely helps keep me motivated too - after reading all others messages, I wanted to add my own thoughts

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Brilliant, yes I think the running helps both the physical and mentally

I've lost quite a bit of weight since starting this and there's a different man looking back at me from the mirror now plus I feel more confident


Thanks for this... very well done you... It can be hard sometimes to get out there and do it..but when we do! That feeling is incredible!

The odd treat... always... whatever it may be :) Onward and upward to that podium... can you see it, just in the distance :)

Slow and steady... and enjoy :)


Lovely post and well done :)

Well done Doobyduck 😊...almost there💪..

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Thank you Jan. Read your posts and very inspiring 😊

Well done and if running is helped by pecan yum yums, so be it... treats are good, running is better...

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The sugar boost definitely helps!


You're within striking distance of the podium now, well done - especially considering your long commute, which must certainly sap your energy.

I'm sure pecans contain some terribly important minerals or something, so eat them with impunity!

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I like you way of thinking - I agree 😊


Thanks.... inspirational words! I've just started with 2 days under my belt! I'm loving it, and also loving this forum... packed with such fab stories and advice

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Good for you. If I can do it, so can you! Love this forum for keeping me going and motivated

Great post, positive motivation 😀

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