Take the A2E Cup Sports Bra Challenge

Week 2 of my new found graddydom, as the rain splattered (hallelujah rain) I was thinking about running kit, as Mr JCR is a cyclist and he has oodles of stuff. What’s the minimum critical equipment you have to have to run?

First off proper fitting trainers – yup got them 2 years ago the last time I ran, so no problem there.

Decent sports socks so your tender feet don’t shred under the new regime. Yup got them too.

Tops and Bottoms – you don’t have to have the fancy stuff to start, but you develop a fondness for terms such as wicking.

And finally for us wimmin – Sports Bras. Now, yes I’ve got a rather motley collection after all these failed attempts at getting fit, but in fairness I don’t think I’ve got the right ones.

In a fake science sort of way I have created my own A2E Cup Sports Bra Challenge Table, where I give a score between 1-5 against five criteria. This is to see which, if any, of my bras pass muster. As befits a Bra Review, the scoring criteria are designated by cup size in ascending order, with a description of each score and its meaning to help you think about your fundamentals.

A Cup for Appearance

A surgical looking compression garment, is hardly likely to encourage you to run, but then we don’t want Ann Summers either

; Score as follows:-

1= Fugly or Utterly Inappropriate

2= Ugly

3= Meh

4= Niice

5= I want to run with this on now and I could wear it out socially, surely

B Cup for Bounce

A sports bra is only any good if it controls the bounce. Bouncing can cause black eyes. Most of us need more support than Kate Moss, otherwise irreversible damage to your Coopers ligaments ensues.

Score as follows:

1= Whoa calm that bouncing down, there’s a rollercoaster of flesh on the move

2= I wouldn’t want to be balancing anything on here, right now

3= Occasional Jiggle

4= Firm, But Fair

5= Solid, solid as a rock baby

C Cup for Cleanability

Is it easy to wash? Does it have to be hand washed in pure mountain dew by the light of the moon?

Score as follows:

1= Dry Clean only or Mountain Dew preferred

2=Needs its own detergent, washing bowl and private space on the washing line

3= Prefers a hand wash, but occasional visits to a machine with ordinary clothing tolerated

4= Washing machine is fine but bagged and with likeminded clothing

5= Just bung me in, I don’t care

D Cup for Dextrousness

Do you need someone to help you in it/out of it? Does it twang like a bungee when you try and roll it up/down when sweaty? Do you look like you are wearing a climber’s harness, with clasps, cleats and carabiners?

Score as follows:

1= Requires a lady’s maid or cabin crew, to get you in and 10 minutes free time

2= Good job in a previous life you were a contortionist

3= Bit of bending required, it counts as pre-run stretching

4= Just like a normal bra, hook from the back or I hook swoosh it to the front

5= Front loading bliss

E Cup for Expense

Running is supposed to be a cheap sport, so if it costs too much that’s not good as it will put me off buying one.

Score as follows:

1=You’ve got to be joking, that’s a handbag, a pair of shoes and a bottle of vino

2= Gulp, would a years’ supply of surgical bandage be cheaper

3= Mmm okay, still leaves some cash for a sweatband

4= Bargain Basement – that’s the pub for lunch then

5= How cheap, better buy 2

So here’s how mine stack up:-

Winner is Berlei Shock Absorber with 18/25

2nd is Sweaty Betty, although there is weird pouchy thing going on, that Im really not sure about

My 2 Adidas and New Look bras are on the ‘to bin’ list as 50% at 15/25 isn’t a good enough score

So ladies over to you – how do yours score?

p.s. Just done my 3rd 5k run…



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117 Replies

  • Love it! "D" is my nemesis!

    Off to contemplate on the state of my sports bras now. 😂

  • Me too, I can't afford a lady's maid

  • Mine too... you know you are in trouble when you need help and only your sons, 22 and 16 are home...big no no!!! Just keep struggling paula!!! 🤣

  • Oh this post is just priceless. Yesterday on the way home I tried a sports bra and had a moment of changing room panic in which I seriously feared that I might have to buy it, ask to wear it home (like kids with new shoes) and then cut it off with scissors upon returning.

    I am not blessed with abundant boobage (think: aspirins on an ironing board) so I can get away without special harnessing and cantilevers. I find they often squash and flatten so much that I look like a five year old. However it's nice to have something comfy that feels secure. One of my normal bras actually pinged open during a conference recently, which was not very Vatican friendly, so I know that bras can betray you.

    My own favourite for running is one I found at home while sorting out old stuff and I've cut the label out so I have no idea where it was from, which isn't helpful. I think it was a cheapo thing but it's good.

  • You see it's an important subject, boobage management. My New Look one is okay, but is rocking the Kim Kardashian look, which looks a bit weird, when you're way the wrong side of 30. And besides which I don't have her bum or her pouting to carry it off! Oh and I always a tee shirt over my bras, which seems optional as far as I can tell with the K Klan.

  • There is no such thing as 'wrong side of 30'! I veto! ;)

    I think all (?) of us here has tee over bra, as we are so called 'normal'. No offence for thoes who hasn't.

  • Oh that made me chuckle!!! 😂😂

  • PS when I saw the "A2E cup challenge" I wondered if you were contemplating major surgical intervention...

  • Did that, it didn't work.... that's why the post needed to be done.

  • I LOVE IT! I laughed ay work quite hard (fortunately I was alone in the office atm) ;D

    I'll check my 2 (or maybe 3) bras I have. Well, I'm using only one due to B4 socre, which is the highest I found in shop.

    PS. Congrats on the run! I have mine due today, still not sure which one I'll do as it will be rater late run (after dinner). Will see then.

  • Have fun on the run, but no bouncing allowed!

  • Mad as a hatter, sometimes it's nice not to be involved, but so funny.

  • Sorry... had to be done...

  • Hmmm...you lot don't know how lucky you are!! 😂😂

  • Oh I do. 😉

  • I'm not overly endowed and since losing weight things have got even easier. Plus I'm not too bothered about the look - I'm tomato / beetroot faced, well over 50, overweight and lumbering, I don't think any self-respecting man is going to be ogling my boobs (maybe it's the non-self-respecting ones I have to worry about?), so I go for the cheap and practical. Lidl do great pull over the head bras which suit me fine - except for the fact I frequently get a rolled-up sausage of stretchy material somewhere between the bottom of my neck and the top of my shoulder blades. Not an easy place to scratch and certainly not an easy place to access for desausaging purposes. So far I've managed (maybe I was a contortionist in a previous life?), but I would hate the thought of a family member walking in on me with my arms twisted up my back, or over the top of my head, one finger just about squeezed under the sausage in an attempt to unroll it. Seems to involve a lot of hopping about aswell.

    Love your post - it is now the definitive authority on bras!

  • I think de-sausaging is the new verb to use for bra removal. That is the most appropriate phrase....

    Just realised my maths is wrong maybe I don't need to throw out the Kardashian bra just yet...

    MrsT82 will howl as an accountant, that despite my excel spreadsheet, I got my numbers wrong....Sorry Mrs T

  • Ha, M & S for me. I am certainly not the skinny, minamilist type but as I run so slowly M & S does the trick for me. :). Well done on the 5k runs, and the cool rain must be a great relief.

  • Rain fab... never ever thought I'd say that...

  • I spotted sports bras in M&S yesterday and they looked good. Also fitted one on in mountain sports/trekking shop and felt so squeezed in I'd never be able to run or breathe in that!! Managed to escape out of it though.

  • Also what is it with white bras? They only have to look at the washing machine and then turn instantly grey.

  • Awesome, I love this approach!

    For me it's a case of a hybrid between two super-cheap over-the-head items (more aspirins on the ironing board) - the pads from the Amazon one shoved into the Primark one, it'll do 😎

    I would add an F Cup for Fit to your list, this is what I struggle with most 🤔

  • Ah fit.... I may do a revision....

  • Shock absorber for me, nice n comfy, without wires and I don't bounce which is most important and most difficult to achieve. Bit difficult to do the racer back (prob better fastening from front and twisting).

  • See I think Shock Absorber is probably the best , no wires is an important thing for me too. Last thing you need when running is pieces of metal digging into you.

  • this is excellent stuff. My contribution so far:

    Adidas CMMTTD Chill - (on massive sale)

    A - 4 - flattering, doesn't look like underwear, but does "enhance" cleavage a bit much to wear alone in public! B - 4.5 - if you've managed to tighten it up. C - 4 - delicate cycle, it's alright so far. D - 1 !! You need to be Houdini to get out or to adjust when on. E - 3, I got over 50% off, if you don't, it's $$$. And anticipating the addition of an F for fit category, 4 - fits, even my odd size requirement, but severe mono-boob. Total is 16.5/25 or 20.5/30 with the Fit category. Not too bad, 66%!

    I've got a couple of others but haven't worn them enough yet.

  • So we are nowhere near consensus yet, the search for the perfect one continues....

  • Haha, a consensus might be tough! But your reviewing system is absolutely genius. I love a bit of quantification and the descriptions you've given are amazing.

    I thought most people thought their Shock Absorbers were the best, I suspect I would if they fitted (I tried one on in Bravissimo after my bra-thread-responders gave such high praise to both the bra and the shop). But there are SO many different bras out there!

  • Still not found a front loader though, that would do away with the whole desausaging, and cabin crew requirements

  • I saw a Nike one with a zip front (it also had a hook inside in case of zip failure). It looked really easy to get into/out of and fairly robust but I couldn't imagine it coping with the very well endowed, and you'd need to take out a mortgage for it. It also seemed more like the sort of thing one might wear without a tee over the top if you were an exhibitionist (or a Kardashian), which isn't really my thing.

  • Purely in the interests of science I'll keep a watching brief on this post!! ;0)

  • Since there are non-boob owners here, can I ask a question? Do you guys get jogger's nipple, whereas we get away without it because of bras? Not that I even run remotely enough to be a worry...

  • Yes. not me personally but I've seen it. Corn plasters seem to be a common preventative. :)

  • I've not experienced it yet, I heard vaseline or,as Irish-John said, corn plasters. I guess it's not as much fun as it sounds!

  • Worst I ever saw was the Cork Marathon in '82. Guy kept running even though he was peeing blood. Often wondered how it turned out...😬

  • oh nasty... can't believe that had a happy ending....

  • I doubt it too.

  • Sounds like kidney damage. Nasty.

  • As much as I love Running there is a limit and peeing blood would certainly stop me in my tracks 🤒

  • Yes, cold & damp days with the wrong running top can lead to (x)(x) for us chaps. I normally only realise in the shower when it starts to sting.

  • Of course science!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • When I was choosing I used this review independent.co.uk/extras/in... - there's a Victoria's Secret front loader on there Jancanrun ... but I also saw someone say that front loaders aren't great for running?

  • Brilliant article, just one bra I am allowed on there though, the rest all for Victoria Secret models...

    front loaders evidently out of the question...

  • allowed!? The bra police are also the C25K police, they don't exist :) ! (range of sizes is another matter...sometimes one's size also doesn't exist)

  • Yes the non existent size is the problem

  • you have my utter sympathy! Mind you, less choice to be bamboozled by...

  • So many come just in s m or l! My boobs need proper sizing!!

  • Me too s m l a matter of opinion, not of size

  • yup, and proper consideration of band to cup ratio if you please! We are all individuals (Python quote intended).

  • Next time I complain of sagging running socks I will think of this and shut my whiny gob! : /

  • Truthfully until I ran I had no idea it was so complex, you need to pass bra school to run safely...

  • Where is this bra school of which you speak? 🤔😵😁

  • This is brilliant you should be s columnist with the funny reviews and posts - totally get some of your criteria especially silly B for bounce -- painful if wrong .

    Will be in the market soon so helpful reviews from one we trust xxx

  • Looking forward to the reviews, still no consensus, this one will run and run, or bounce and bounce....

  • 😂 brilliant stuff. I currently have an M & S. love the fact it's front fastening and is fastened by a zip. Previous bras have been a struggle to get in and out of. Nothing moves at all but not liking the redistribution of rolls it creates. I'm thinking that's down to me not the bra 😀. Congrats on your 3rd 5 K - 🏃‍♀️ x

  • That's exactly what I wanted, but boobage issues mean it's back to harnesses and carabiners. Either that or surgery, and I don't fancy that at all....

  • Ohhhhh...I HATE my sports bra...I need some advice on them so I'm keeping my eye on this post...I look like I either a) need surgery or b) have had surgery that's gone horribly wrong 😂😂😂

  • It's a good job we aren't cyclists, because then we'd be debating the merits of nappy pants and chamois cream. I was truthfully horrified when I learned about those two items.

  • Ooooooohhhhhhhh that vision in my head not great - 😵😵😵😵 never heard of them but can put two and two together .

    My bra ok but a devil to get on and off and flattens and squashed my boobs to an unrecognisable state . I'm a 36 E so those beauties need controlling 😜😜 Found one that looked good but American site but sizing and postage put me off So I will watch with interest

  • No consensus as yet, but if you pardon the pun one size can't fit all... I reckon larger ladies are back to the bucket and rope scenario - that's my issue...

  • Yeah I'm struggling to find E cup too ..my shock absorber is supposed to be E but i am pretty doubtful as definitely spilling over!!

  • ?? Do u want to know??

  • 😂😂😂🤢

  • Oh good lord. The horror...

  • Love this! I have one bought in Florida from a large sports shop, on sale (E4) - it's getting old now (bought when I first tried to run, pre-C25K) - pale grey (love grey!) & I love it still! It is Jockey brand, (A4): tight, but comfortable; (B4); C5-machine washable, tho line dry; D4- three sets of hooks with a flap on velcro to cover them, so could be worn without a t-shirt, though I don't; F5-recently went down a size & still fits (now on tightest hooks, was on loosest ones previously). I also have one bought last year at M&S - front zip fastening - looks nice - haven't tried it since I lost weight - still prefer my Jockey one ;-)

  • So that's shock absorber, Jockey , Adidas M&S, and Helene's unknown in the frame.

  • Love it! I'm a shock absorber girl myself, in a variety of sizes to allow for the days that my contortion skills are letting me down. I think they are good bounce controllers, but not entirely sure what they look like as I have never seen myself run, and there is only scant photo evidence.

    Have to say though that since I started running I have been more aware of other lady runners who perhaps need to "get a grip"! Is that terrible?

  • No its serious stuff, once the ligament is stretched it's like an elastic band, it can't go back., And then you will require the cabin crew to carry your boobs as you run.

  • 😩😩😩 oh the thought!!

  • Know what you mean!!!

  • my shock absorber deffo controls bounce and is in a big enough size (something I struggle with) new one that arrived yesterday from amazon (where they are cheaper) is a 36FF

  • Me too shock absorber for me, still unsure about the Sweaty Betty

  • Well done!! And good work on the over shoulder boulder holder review (.) (.) I've only got one shock absorber so far but leaves me weak just trying to get it on!!! 🤣

  • Haha great post Jan and you've clearly done a lot of research! I never thought about my running bras in this detail but you're right. The perfect one is hard to find.

    As I said in my response to icklegui I would highly recommend Panache bras. I have two and they tick all your boxes. They're not cheap but I wait until the sale but I'd still pay full price for them they are so good. And pretty. And great support. And I just chuck them in the washing machine along with my other stuff. The colours do fade a bit but I'm not hand washing anything at my stage in life. And as for all that racer back rubbish. NO! Life is far too short to struggle to get in and out of a bra. I tried one once in a changing room and thought I'd have to call an assistant to get me out of it 😭

    And front fastening terrifies me. I've heard of a few instances where, mid-run, the bra pings open and your assets are freed in all their glory. No, not for me.

    Panache is the way to go.

  • I love Panache bras anyway , why had I not thought about them for running...

  • So ... I got myself to Bravissimo on yours and everyone else's recommendation and tried on the Panache (non-wired in my size, the wired almost in my size) ... They are fab and really very comfortable BUT there was still some bounce for me :( - I think it's because the straps have to be EVEN SHORTER for me, even with the racer clip done up. This may be surmountable, I'm not sure yet. I was gutted as you'd been so positive and they ticked all my theoretical boxes.

    I did also find that there was a bit of mono-boobage with the non-wired, but not as bad as my Adidas. The non-wired has better coverage and thus better support, for me.

    On that thread Sweatyfaced suggested the Booband. Which, now I've tried a few bras on, I can see it might help. They often seem to have 20% off, otherwise it's £20 (watch their facebook page). Anyone tried the booband?

  • Okay new one on me, funnily enough I thought you'd put it under not over. But does that give us another de-sausaging complication?

  • I think the material being essentially under the armpit puts me off, too. Weird.

  • It also adds to the faff routine, bra check, undies check, shorts, check, booband check, top check, oh does the booband go over the top or under it check, socks check, trainers check, phone/tracker check, water check, house keys check.... I am exhausted most mornings doing this.

    What I need is a CSI crime scene sprayer to spray the outlines of all the things I need to run... each night I can fill the gaps with the right items....

  • That's a shame. They hold everything together well for me and in fact flatten slightly but I don't care as long as they're comfy and there's no movement 🙂 I guess we're all different and one bra won't feel the same on every person.

    I wish you well in your search.

  • Mono boobage made me laugh out loud 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yikes, even I (with my anti-boobs) would not be happy with the idea of them making a mid-run jailbreak!

  • OK, so here goes both of mine are shock absorbers:

    1 - coral & lime colour, bought online after being correctly measured so cheaper, have had to get my husband to fasten me in on a couple of occasion 😂, total score 20/25, haven't managed to wear without the requisite tshirt or vest over the top!

    2 - white, slightly wrong size but does the job, bought years ago at a outlet store, definitely wouldn't wear in public 😬, total score about 17/25, it does the job, when other in the wash!

    Absolutely love this post & so appropriate.

    Absolutely fantastic on your 5K 🎉🎉🎉

  • Ooh RRD I have the coral one too. Does that make us bra buddies? Ooh sounds dodgy.

    From my inadequate statistics knowledge I reckon shock absorbers are shading it...

  • Just gone for a run in my Freya AA4891:

    Appearance - 3 - gives an ok shape, no seam across cup, but an odd looking bra

    Bounce - 4.5 - again I've gotta sort out my strap shortening issue but this is pretty good. Holds them down rather than squishing flat.

    Cleanability - 5! Easy care! Caveat that I haven't actually washed it yet.

    Dexterousness - 3 - over-the-head required but it's not too bad...

    Expense - 4 - cheap on ebay!

    Fit - 4 - because the band seems a bit too big for what it's supposed to be, otherwise it's good. Great separation, comfortable.

    23.5/30 - 78% ... whoah!

    EDIT: that's 19.5/25 before the fit criterion, still 78%.

  • That I think is officially the best score yet... Freya is the one to beat then...

  • FWIW my wish list basically covers all the newer Freyas that go to my size, the Shock Absorber 4490 (not the Ultimate Run because of size), and the Panaches if I can make them work (honestly they were so comfy).

  • I think the Jockey was a whopping 26/30 (87%)!

    Well, it's all subjective too! Also all my stuff is newish, ask me again about bounce when I've had these a year! Yoga helps with the over-the-heads and doing up at the back - practise "cow arms" and other arm/shoulder stretches :)

  • Brilliant post!

    Mine is 18/25 but in the wrong areas. I get B from 1 to 5 by having a swimsuit (and as is normal for swimmers, one size too small) over the top. And the space in between is solid enough to hold my phone :)

  • Ah my shock absorber came out at 16/25 so thinking I need to keep looking!!

  • A brilliant post!

    I have only one running bra, an M & S front loader 34E. It is pretty good, now that I have lost weight, but in the beginning it was a horrendous operation to get it zipped up, as my boobs were too big ( I hadn't been able to find a bigger cup size). It involved a lot of effort on the part of me and OH, much to my humiliation!

    Nowadays, I would score it at 22/25 on your first criteria, but with the fit category as well it would be 25/30 as it pulls on my left shoulder, but the rest is really comfortable and roomy, without bounce.

  • Has anyone googled the booband?? That looks like a pretty serious hold down???

  • I am worried about the extra desausaging...

  • I'll Google it! 😉

  • Love this post ....haven't laughed so much in ages!!

  • Now I have to think of the F extra score card, for fit....

  • General question about Shock Absorbers (brand, not the general concept...) : the S4490 (the one with the two hook and eye bits) is rated "4" - max support - but only the "Ultimate Run" (with the bikini clip and hook/eye) is recommended for running, by them. Is it a ploy to get us all to buy the Ultimate Run or do owners of the 4490 find it ok for controlling running bounce?

  • I am laughing my head off...

  • I can't put a picture on of what I've just fished out of the bottom of my washer 😂😂🏃🏼‍♀️😂

  • I've been busy and I cant believe I missed this (as usual) very funny post....

    I only have one sports bra and I would definitely recommend it. A shock absorber and I would say:

    Looks ok...not sexy but no monoboob and don't think Mr W is frightened by it...maybe too traumatised to say :) (4)

    No bounce whatsoever (5)

    Gets washed 3 x weekly (never looked at the instructions but seems ok) means it has to be (5)

    Works like a normal bra with easy back fastening so (5)

    I think it was expensive but as my mother used to say, its not cost but value for money that's important so as I have only one that works well a (4) I think.

    the Shock absorber tends to run small so needs to be tried on

    Tomorrow I am going to start rating all of my clothes (and possibly friends) this way :) Well done Jan, another brilliant post :)

  • Omg don't scale your friends on this which one could you possibly say was fugly.... I couldn't be held responsible for that😱

  • My friends, in the eye of the beholder...

    All beautiful 5

    Very supportive 5

    Mostly clean 3

    Quite flexible (but don't try to get them out when bake off is on) 4

    Fabulously expensive - oops 0

    and now the rest of my life- this scoring thing is quite addictive :)

  • Children next....

  • Phew thank goodness for that...

  • I have precisely 2 sports bras. One Was gifted to me by my daughter and is a cheap thing from H&M but does the job. It earns a 2 for Dextrousness, and only really earns a 4 for Bounce as it is actually a bit small for me.

    My other one is a Moving Comfort was *expensive* so gets very carefully washed, even though I'm pretty sure it doesn't really need it, because I need it to last.

    It probably rates a 4 on everything otherwise.

  • I have an A3, B4, C5, D5, E3...

  • That's so precise!

  • Lol!

  • Love the post & all the insightful & hilarious comments! I'm afraid as the French put it, that I don't have 'too many people on the balcony' so I can just about get away with cheapos from TK Max but I do feel like Houdini trying to get out of a padlocked straight jacket trying to take the damned thing off!

    Well done on your 5k runs - great stuff!!

  • I've also heard the French referring to girls who have "wood stacked in front of the cabin" - nice image too.

  • Shock Absorbers all the way for this H cup runner. The only bra that works.

  • The Panache sports bra is great. Too marks for A-D with great option to easily convert to a racer back and comes in a wide range of sizes and colours. Bit pricey but Bravissimo often have a £5 off sports bras promotion. I won't wear anything else now. It us under wired but still comfortable. Had to laugh at the changing room story - happened to me too. I think it was a Nike one and I sweated more than on my runs trying to get it off!

  • Very very very funny - and wise and helpful too! You are a natural successor to Victoria wood (awwww...). For the record have two m&s ones that lost ping v soon after washing and another one so upholstered and elaborate I'm a bit scared of it + it has a front zip which is a lot of engineering and makes me a bit rigid and uncuddly. The search goes on.

  • What a lovely compliment I think Victoria was one of the funnniest ladies ever. I am going to close the voting on this by Tuesday, cogitate and probably come up with the winners list later this week..

  • Shame there isn't a "love" button on this site (gosh, that sounds saucy 😂), I loved this. You are a fantastic writer.

    HOW many running bras have you got? WOW! I have two that I use, both Decathlon, and both so comfy I forget them. They are affordable and survive the washing machine along with all the rest of the load. They could be used by my virtual me (the confident one) to run in my bra, they're nice to look at and keep my (admittedly mini) milk bar nicely tethered. The only disadvantages are 1) sorting out the foam disk in each cup after they come out of the wash (brill for hiding frozen nipple syndrome in winter), and 2) putting the buggers on and taking them off - they are 'over the head' jobbies necessitating a spot of pre-run Houdini impressions, and they roll up under your armpits and over your boobs, giving me an unfortunate sumo-wrestler look that never fails to amuse Calculus.

    Sports bras have made a lot of progress since my first white grainy sports bra back in 2001 (used for one month before I was scared off by the middle-aged women in pink lycra making eyes at the young male gym instructor). It looks like a hybrid between a maternity ward flopper-stopper and an engineering feat capable of heliporting twin Shermans. It has its place of honour at the back of the cupboard 'just in case'.

  • You are a funny writer flopper stopper is priceless. I have 5 bras but one definitely bought in hope that I'd revert to my Kate Moss days....

    Tuesday I will do my calculations and probably Thursday the big reveal... that too sounds saucy

  • So maybe I am a nutbar but i would never buy a bra which wasn't already a great fit; I spend ages jumping up and down in the changing room checking for bounce as for me it is the ultimate 'no no' and i just can't bring myself to but something fugly anyway!

    Freya Active all the way; I have two of the run tops with built in bra and one of their bras. All back fastening with four fasteners, all have run clip (essential for that last bit of strap shortening to really hold firm) and all easy wash with the rest of my washing. They have silver in the lining to remove odour / kill bacteria and specifically say on them to wash sparesly! My kind of bra!!

    The booband I mentioned previously is a cheap alternative to buying a sports bra, so offers additional bounce prevention to your regular gear. I haven't tried it but I know people who swear by it....

    Great post Jan!

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