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Parkrun pacer

Hi everyone, i graduated C25k the 1st July, joined a club and run 3 times a week, one club run one parkrun and the third on my own or with a development group. Last week i completed parkrun in 32.02 and another pb , this week is pacer week and i am not sure if i should follow pacer 32 or 31, i just don't think i would be able to keep up with 31, please share your thoughts, thanks

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I'm intrigued. I didn't know about pacers at parkruns and wonder how it works. Can you explain? Thanks.


I am not sure if hey have pacer week at all park runs but ours has pacer week the last Saturday of the month. They have pacers for 21 min up to 38 minutes so if you want to try and get a pb or do 5k in say 32 minutes then you follow the 32 minute pacer.


Thank you. I'm not sure it would be good for me but, if I ever get stronger and feel able to match someone else's pace rather than merely plodding along at my own, I'll bear it in mind. I can see how useful it could be though.

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I usually try and follow the one faster than me, its a bit harder in your case as you are so close to 32, you could try and keep infront of the 32 or try and keep up with the 31 :P if it was me i'd try the 31 but.. ive never run a sensible parkrun. Both seem legit though, follow the 32 for 3 or 4 k then try and overtake?


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