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Hello everyone, I'm new to this group and looking for support to get me through these early stages of running. I ran the London marathon 2013 and 15, but stopped after the 15th and am trying to get back into running so I can join the local running group who run 6 miles.

I find that if I could run 6miles now I'd be fine, however building up to it by walking running walking running etc is so much of a struggle for me for some reason, does anyone else have this trouble?

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You could start the programme and follow the programme It is a slow and steady build up to running for thirty minutes.. comfortably. A great beginning to any running journey :)

But, if you find the idea of walking./ running a struggle.... and have run Marathons previously, then maybe C25K is not the best programme for you??

Maybe try the Marathon Running and race support forum :)


Thank you for your reply, I have looked about for a program but I found that you have to be able to run steady for 30mins before progressing, to say that 10k/ half etc.

And with no motivation at all to do it on my own, I do find having someone talking to you and telling you when to to things does help.

Although I hate the walk run etc it's something that has to be done, because I've let myself get so unfit and healthy, but at the end of the 9 weeks I'll be a different person I'm sure.

Thank you again for replying.


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