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Just a little too hot!

I'm looking for volunteers to fan me whilst I run...... anyone????

My other half is away tonight so I'm home alone with little one. Missed the boat for an early morning run. Who would have thought that the weather could get hot just as I leave my door!

On a positive note I felt a bit delirious, playlist was awful and I lost my sync which meant I ran my fastest, longest distance on W4R2.

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So hot in temperature and hot in tempo and distance then. Well done you. If you get loads of fan wafting volunteers, please send one to me. Still hitting 28/29 during the day.

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Hmm which podcast are you listening to? It was baking hot today. I normally run early morning but couldn't manage it as started work at 6.30am. I can't wait for the cooler months - love running when it's cooler. Well done on your run :-)


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