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Week 3 R2

Better today, completed all run sections but had to play with my pace a little.

I knew somewhere along the lines I would find it hard going and would need to repeat weeks so I've decided I'm going to repeat week 3 and work on my fitness/stamina a little more as I don't mind dropping my pace but I don't want to keep having to drop it otherwise I'll be taking a very sedate walk when I should be jogging.

If I need to repeat it again after that then that's fine, it's all practice and stamina building.

I'm far from giving up, I WILL complete the program but I want to be able to do it and use it to move onto longer runs.

I thoroughly enjoyed W3 R2 though.

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You will do it... and my advice would be to move on...your stamina and fitness will improve as you move along the programme, with every walk and run you make.

As slow and steady as you like...pace is really not an issue at this early stage...if you do your stamina and core strength exercises on rest days, and add in any other non impact exercises too.. this will prepare you for your running journey afterwards:)

Repeating runs is fine, if you really feel it is necessary, but...

You are doing well you enjoyed the run... why not try Run 3 ?

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I'm with Oldfloss on this one Lee, your other posts have shown you are progressing. Why not give it a go on Run 3, and then if you really feel its too much then repeat. Your pace is your pace and at this stage, please don't get hung up about it being a slow jog. In the early weeks you are building time, pace tends to come a little later. Whichever you decide it's great that you are continuing to enjoy it, because that is one less hurdle to overcome in your running journey....

Good luck next time out whichever run you decide

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If you go slow enough you'll get through the sessions first time round 😃🏃👍💪

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Thanks all, I will be doing W3 R3 on Saturday morning, I may give W4 R1 a go on Monday morning and see how I go, thanks for the support and the suggestions.

I'm a little anxious that I don't go from waddling to shuffling but I do understand what you all mean.

Thanks again.

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