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Post 2. Reality bites

Week two. Run two.

First time tonight, I thought it was a bit of a chore. Finished week 1 on a high, took the weekend off and completed run . The increase to 90 seconds was slightly harder than I anticipated, but despite desperately wishing the last 15 seconds to hurry up, I did it.

Long day at work today. Back home. Oh. Bum. Got to run.

Get changed, off to park and on to usual course. Just wasn't feeling it. A couple of times I thought "I'll just stop early-no-one will know".

But I didn't stop, because, you know what "I would have known". And I'm so glad I didn't stop because as I write this I realise that the 60 second runs I struggled with only 10 days ago are a breeze. And I'm not "out of puff" after doing the 90 seconds-in fact, a couple of times tonight Michael Johnson's dulcet tones telling me to slow down and stop were a surprise rather than the relief they'd been previously. I would also have known when I'd told the few friends (growing by the day) what I'm doing that it was going well, if I'd even "cheated" by a few seconds. Plus the only way I'm going to do that 3 minutes next week, is by doing the yards and minutes this week.

Physically, I already feel so much better. Trotted up three sets of steep stairs at work today without that tight feeling in my chest I'd accepted as part of ageing.

And I'm eating healthier too. Im sure there's going to ups and downs. Perhaps moving my route will help. On grass at the moment, but eyeing up the local roads and planning routes to go with the Spotify playlist (Bark Psychosis tonight, the Fall before tonight). I will need to invest in some decent running shoes too I think-particularly and f m going off off road.

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Sounds like you are doing great! Well done. Keep those positive thoughts handy.

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Hey you're doing well and sticking at it, which is probably the hardest thing in the early days. Every minute is being banked in your stamina bank and every metre too. Some days we all have meh runs, eeugh runs but often we have fab runs. At this stage don't worry about the type as often the yucky runs turn out to give you the greatest sense of achievement. It also takes time to work out your own running recipe, be it treadmill, tarmac or trails, music, coach, podcasts, clothing, mental training. Be prepared to be flexible at this stage you won't know what works for you until you try it. And if you don't like something, easy peasy just change it next time out. Hope you enjoy R3 and if you're going to invest in new shoes make sure you get gait analysis just to get the right shoes... good luck in your running.

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Well done for sticking at it!!! Just think in a couple more runs 90 seconds will seem so short! :-) xxx

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