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25 minutes?? Was that really me!? YESSSSS

Yes, it was!! All 25 minutes of W6R3. Even managed to pick up the pace a teeny tiny bit for the last minute (didn't want to let Sanjeev down!).... legs felt like jelly afterwards, so much so that we were overtaken during the cool down by a dog walker who looked very much in her senior years AND was carrying heavy handbag. LOL

Still, I did it! I'm absolutely over the moon!! We're off on holiday this Friday so that will interfere with the programme, especially because we're going to a part of Spain full of massive hills.... so we'll see how it goes. Might have a look for some flat beaches, even if we have to drive there. Will definitely try to squeeze a few runs in between meals and walks with the dogs!

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Well done! Deffo look for a flat beach! I did on my holiday and loved it. Just go nice and slow πŸ˜ƒ

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Fab, will do! Even just a couple of runs rather than 3 this week will be better than nothing!


Brilliantly done and taking your trainers is a good idea, if they stay at home they can't run without you!

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Ah, if only they could do the running for me πŸ˜…


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