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Graduate Podcasts

Well on Sunday I did speed and despite looking like a crazy old bat I managed it. Tonight I tried Stepping stone (nhs) only managed less than half!!!????? I ended up walking the rest of the podcast. Literally did the 5 minute warm up in time, managed the first 10 minutes fine then laura upped the pace and I lasted 2 and a half minutes!!!!!

So my week started with speed managed that wonderfully fine.

Then tonight my second jog of the week was the stepping stone which was abismal.

Then my third jog I was planning on doing a normal 30 minute jog no timing no worry about distance just jog for 30 minutes on thursday for my final run of the week.

The stamina podcast I was thinking of leaving that a couple of months because I heard it was hard. But I cannot even do the stepping stone. (insert picture of me wailing here).

Perhaps I should stick with just speed but I can do that one I need a challenge. The stepping stone is definetly a challenge gives me something to work towards if I can increase how long I can last on it each week then hopefully with time I should improve. Tell nyou what though the muscles in my thighs blooming ache feeling like I have spent an hour in the gym!!! Perhaps it is not has disatrous as I thought.

Has anyone else tried the graduate podcasts?

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Ooh they are on my list to do, but after at least 3/4 weeks of consolidation. They sound quite tough.... so really interested in how you get on. ... good luck with them


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