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Can now officailly jog 30 minutes non stop but im only covering 2.8 km

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I am proud but at the sametime a bit discouraged, and worried. My new goal is to jog 5km non stop but unsure how to get there

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I'm no expert, but if you are running for 30 minutes, then you are doing amazingly well, the more experienced people on here will advise you, but I would imagine speed/ distance will come in time. Well done you.

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You are fantastic to be able to run for 30 minutes! Just carry on doing that to build up your running legs. Dont worry or be disheartened

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KassieSavesTheDayGraduate in reply to SC1472

Im not too too worried, but do i try goings faster now or jog longer at the same pace? And how much? I wanna keep challenging myself without getting hurt.

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SC1472Graduate in reply to KassieSavesTheDay

I have found that I have gradually got faster but I am no speedy gonzalez! Once I graduated I did a few weeks of running for 30 minutes three times a week with some runs being better than others. I am now doing bridge to 10k and with the longer distances I am getting stronger.

I wouldn't change too much for the time being but you could gradually increase the time you are running once you have consolidated for a few weeks (there is a 10% rule which has been explained in various posts). You can also go along to parkrun where you can run/walk 5k.

I would add that I am no expert here!

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I am sure I have read on here no more than a 10% increase at a time. So go up to 33 minutes or try to go 10% faster. Don't suppose it matters which depending how you feel about the speed you run now. If that's hard go for longer time is probably easier. But do a few 30 minute runs to consolidate before you start pushing yourself too much. I think increase in speed probably comes with just keeping up the running. Mainly just feel very smug that you did it. Fantastic.

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Wow... Have you just finished the C25K programme:)

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Oldfloss gave me some very good advice when I graduated. For a little while, have a few "fun" runs. Enjoy running, don't worry too much about speed or distance, just run for yourself. If you feel you need to stop for a minute or two, stop and DON'T FEEL GUILTY!!! In a couple of weeks I'm going to start bridge to 10k and although, in the first week or two after graduation, I missed the structure of the runs, I have got used to this and enjoy being free!

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5k in 33 something was my best time ever. usually do it in 38, longer these days because my schedule is interrupting my running days. :)

Yes - would dearly love to break the 30 minute milestone - but not at the expense of running myself into the ground :) I enjoy my runs too much and the wee bit of a challenge that keeps them fun. Might get faster with time - but will do it just like the rest of the programme, slow and steady and at my own pace :)

Don't know what you started from Kstd - but if it was anywhere near what I went out the door with on Day 1 - you are doing AWESOMELY these days, never fear :)

It's very normal not to get to 5k in 30 minutes. But getting to run non stop for 30 minutes is a massive achievement 👏

You could try setting mini goals next if you want to increase speed-maybe try to get to 3km next then gradually build it up. Speed will naturally anyway though if you stick with it🙂

You have done really well. Like you I am nowhere near to running 5k in 30 minutes (on week 9 at the moment). We all started this programme at diferent levels so naturally some will run faster/longer than others. I don't think I will ever run 5k in 30 minutes but I do hope to improve a bit from where I am now. You'll gradually improve, just stick at it.

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We can run together ;) 2,8 km in 30 minutes... I think we are really cool!!!

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