The journey.....not just the arrival....

The journey.....not just the arrival....

I have not rambled for while… but as I have been feeling a tad disgruntled currently, I thought it was about time 😊 For those who know me…sorry… for those who don’t… well, you will know to avoid my posts in future😊

I do seem, during my time on here, (and very much so, in the last few weeks), to have got a reputation. Good or bad? I am not sure…but I do seem to be thought of as, ‘ The champion of slow and steady’ ; I am however a tad concerned…:)

Am I just coming over as a slow plodding old runner… advocating a dragging pace, where we just get through the run as slowly as possible!! Well time to set the record straight. 😊

I do advocate slow and steady throughout the C25K programme and beyond. I always will


During this programme, it is all too easy, to push too hard and to be swayed or persuaded, or even encouraged, often with the best of intentions, by other speedier, or less experienced runners, that this is the way to go. Often too, some of the less experienced runners, think that having done a few runs, they might miss runs, rest days or even weeks out also. This does concern me. ( Yes, I do worry a lot) We have seen far too many folk, end up discouraged, injured or even disappearing from the forum, as a result of the need for speed.

This programme is intended as a slow, structured build up to 30-minute runs after nine weeks. (If it takes you longer, then that is fine…. If you never make 5K, that is fine… you do not have to, to become a Graduate.) It is also intended to be enjoyable. Fun is meant to be had on your journey, learning about yourself and your running, getting fitter and stronger with every week 😊

However, the definition of what I mean by slow, is a tricky one to explain. But what I intend folk to take from any advice I may offer, is, simply, to find a comfortable, sustainable pace for the runs within their own running journey.

My slow, is not your slow… my slow, is slower than some and speedier than others. There are runners on here, who if moving slowly, would be at least 1K ahead of me moving slowly…😊

I have discovered, as I have moved on from C25K to Bridge to 10K, that my slow, comfortable pace is now actually, not as slow as I once imagined…After Graduation and building up my 30 minute runs, I was advised by the Graduates, to take a look at the C25K+ podcasts…. I did… I did them all and again, discovered… that I really enjoyed Speed and Stamina… Yes, this old snail loves Speed…😊

You heard it here first!

Hard to take in, I know… 😊 The podcasts form, still, an integral part of many of my runs

But, my runs are done at my pace, my comfortable and happy pace and I choose to run as slowly or as quickly as I am comfortable with, depending on the run: challenging myself, yes, but never pushing to the point of reducing myself to an exhausted, over-heated, sickened wet-rag of a runner.

Having spent a good few weeks on the IC recovering from a calf muscle tear, I have had to be so, so patient, getting over the initial shock… from my protestation of, “But I always warm up, stretch, take it gently etc et etc..” to accepting, it happens, ( even to elite athletes apparently…bless my Physiotherapist… I could have kissed him), and the only way back was treatment, and then a slow, slow build up again… and I mean slow…really slow. But… here I am; back running three times a week… a Virtual Charity 5K run on Tuesday and a longer run of an hour on Friday, which, by choice, included a speedy and enjoyable 3K 😊 Snail I may be… but if I choose too… I can move 😊

So… what is the point of this ramble… just to say, yes, this is your journey and your pace, but try, maybe, to find that comfortable pace for yourself, and, if you are new to running, then do, take it steadily through those first uncertain runs of the programme, and as the runs increase in time, start to feel your stamina increasing, your strength building and those running legs growing. Find that happy running pace for yourself. Get there having had fun😊

The incredible, seasoned Graduates on here, amazing runners, who have proved their worth, over and over again, influenced and still influence my progress, with their tried and tested advice and their sound contributions to this forum. I am in awe of them. Listen to their advice.

Ramble over… I feel better and I do hope a few of you may take heart from this and start easing up and being a tad kinder to yourselves.

You are all simply amazing… you will all make it through this journey and be on that Graduation podium, getting your badges and cheered on by us all, especially me 😊


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98 Replies

  • I get it Oldfloss! My slow and your slow are two different things. We are all different but the programme can work for us all if we take it at our own pace. Injuries are not fun (I had a bleed from a vein on the back of my knee at the end of week 1- not running related thankfully) I was so frustrated and annoyed with myself. It's important to be who we are and progress at a pace that is right for us. I didn't care that I was slower than others today. I'll get faster over time. Your experience and encouragement is invaluable to us and your 'slow and steady' motto sits with us all in a very positive way. Thanks for all your encouraging words 👍

  • Thank you for that response... I was beginning to doubt myself a tad ! ... Well done you !

  • Oh Oldfloss......😊

    I am new to the running world and am so grateful I came upon this website.

    I strongly believe in 'slow and steady' and by me being slow and steady over the duration it's taken me to do the C25K Podcast, I believe it's increased my stamina, alongside doing the gym programme.

    However, I have missed weeks of running initially, due to various commitments and for other reasons, but I know that I am at least 50% much fitter than I was when I started.

    Each run that I do via the podcast, as soon as Laura says 'go', I automatically start to jog quite briskly, then after 10 seconds, it's kicks in and I realise I need to slow down. The music tends to speed me up a little if it begins with a quick beat 😂

    I am slowly, but surely beginning to acknowledge and judge the pace at which I run. As soon as I feel I'm quickening my pace, (which feels good), I reign myself in and I am so grateful to Oldfloss and a few other regular members (I forget names at the moment sorry), for their sincere advice to me.

    There is nothing wrong with slow....I'd rather be a snail and get there in the end, than get there being all sweatified and completely out of breath.

    Your a marvel Old floss and you stick to what you believe in, your pace is your prize at the end 😊🤗

  • You are getting there.. and in style, slowly and steadily.... Slow, is the new fast... your own slow, your own pace....:) You posts are a real asset to this forum !

    Thank you for the positive reply ! I feel and added responsibility now, to get you all to that Podium, safely and having had fun!

  • Wise and sincere Floss but certainly not a slow runner. (Methinks that sprinter you have been is still around 🏃😄)

  • Totally agree. 👍🏻

  • I wish... although, if chased by a herd of cows... probably :)

  • I agree, mostly ;)

    I am slow, sometimes very slow runner, but I usually end up exhausted, over-heated, sickened wet-rag of a runner. No matter how slow and comfortable I am running. Probably the reason is I am still building my running stamina and my body is still in adjustment process, I hope.

    Keep it slow and steady, apart from the time when your training schedule says sprint for X seconds ;) As even snail can be fast like a lightning.

  • 'Slow and steady' become our positive mantra over each and every run :) And we are so happy to have you here and share your wisdom and experience, as well as good words.

  • ... and you are a positive asset to this forum... !

  • Thank you.... (I did not have anyone in mind with my reference to being hot)... you are doing amazingly... you know I follow you and your progress carefully and you are getting there:)

    You are doing it properly and building up steadily... and you will succeed! You will :) x

  • I know. With red hot chilli pepper face I was just laughing, as your description perfectly fit my look after almost all runs ;)

    Now, I know. Because despite some shorter or longer breaks I WANT to go back to running. Now, I do not care so much on which run of the programme I am, I care to go out there and do the best I can :) And I know that sooner or later I will have one of 'those' amazing runs :)

    You are my mentor, my rock solid back-up of willpower. Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

    I know that I don't express my appreciation as often as I feel it. And probably you don't really feel like you are making huge impact on my life, but in fact you are.

  • Wise words as always, OldFloss. The vineyard snail is applauding. We put too much pressure on ourselves for speed, and once I'd got that sussed at the beginning of the programme I felt much happier about my running. I get cross when I see photos accompanying running articles or running gear ads that have people hanging in midair with their legs at practically 180° angles, their stride is so long. I find it dishonest and very off-putting for anyone who is starting to run. Nobody runs like that for more than a few yards, and I bet they hurt all over for weeks afterwards :)

  • Thank you M'fam... I have just got a bit hot and bothered with so many folk worrying so much about speed or distance... the mentoring bit has really made me very aware... Hope all is good with you and recovering son now :) x

  • You're right to underline the importance of slowing down, it could stop a fair few being discouraged. Kiddo is now firing on all four cylinders again, thanks for asking. I had to nip a run in the bud yesterday though - he tried to sneak out in his running gear, and not only is he not allowed to run yet, it was 33°C outside...

  • Little monkey... so glad he is feeling up to it though!!!

    33 !!!! Blimey.... could you send a bit of that heat over to Wales!!! :)

  • I'd be happy to... in the meanwhile, up at sparrow fart tomorrow to get a run in before it gets too hot.

  • Yep! you know your stuff oldfloss! Everything is relative, but its all good, we are all out there and that's what counts out of everything ! :)

    One of my favourite quotes when i'm feeling a bit hard on myself is this:

    "Comparison is the thief of Joy" !!

  • Go Ali...... as ever... got it in one....:) ! xxx

  • Hear hear! Make it YOUR journey!

  • Yeay!!!! That is the only way,,,, Your journey and enjoy :) x

  • Oldfloss you are right, you do have a reputation - but as as "slow, plodding old runner"? NO!!!!!! And, actually, even if you do, so what? I'm not saying this because I think it's what you want to hear but I'm not sure I would have graduated without you. Truly. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You genuinely want people to be able to complete the programme and to be the best they can. Apart from my first Parkrun where I was over-exuberant and didn't pace myself, your mantra has got me through my Parkruns and my 5k runs. It's hard, at the start, to have nobody other than the tail walker behind you as you watch everyone else disappearing off into the distance but I've realised, it's a patient person's game. Gradually, I start to overtake those who went out too fast and haven't paced themselves and are having to walk. Slowly, even at my 13+ min mile pace, my plodding pays off.

    To you, as a mentor and much more experienced runner, it's obvious that a newbie's exuberance means they run too fast and therefore struggle. To that exuberant newbie, it's not obvious - we need someone like you to pass on your experience so generously. We don't realise that slowing down will help. In fact, weird as it seems, I think we somehow feel that running faster is the answer. You don't tell people to run slowly, you tell them to slow down - there is a difference!!!!!!

    However, as for being easier on myself - that's not going to happen! I'm not good at that! I'm not competitive - which is why I'm thinking of making my first 10k a women only event that I've found in December - I don't care about running faster or further than the skinny girl at the gym, I care about being the best I can. But that does mean I'm always pushing myself further than is comfortable and being hard on myself is just the way I am!

  • Oh, true words there Rebecca. 🤗 I'm most certainly not competitive and as my age grows and through my personal experiences etc, I become more focused on doing what's comfortable for me and not being competitive or trying to beat someone else. Besides, I procrastinate far too much 😂😂

  • You do just fine! Believe it :)

  • Everything Rebecca said ^^ xxx

  • Hey you.... glad you are still here... :) x

  • You do it... your way... that is it...:) being the best you, you can be! Perfect! x

  • Well said Oldfloss :) Slow and steady is not the same as plodding!! (not in my book anyway!)

    As a teacher, I know that everyone is different and everyone will take a different amount of time to learn something new, that includes running! I'm also used to some children starting off at something new too fast and then getting stuck, while others take it at a steady pace and just keep going til they get there!

    I like seeing my pace and my distance, but I don't worry that it is slower/faster/shorter/longer than last time. Every single time I am just amazed that I am actually choosing to go out running (albeit it my own "slow"/comfortable pace) :D

  • Running and enjoying... it is, or should be what it is all about... :)x

  • Absolutely!

  • What a perfect post Floss.😊

    You have explained exactly what YOU mean by slow and steady, which is different for each individual... and you mean their comfortable pace.

    The slow and steady phrase has been bandied around the forum a bit of late (not by you) without you having a chance to say for yourself what you mean. Thank you for a lovely, clear explanation which is a good reminder for us all that the quick way to the ic (injury couch) is by bending the rules or pushing too hard too soon.

    You are as Rebbecca says a great role model and Mentor.😊xx

  • Thank you, for your constant support... one of my mentors for my journey and a source of inspiration and advice :)

  • Oldfloss, you have been an inspiration to me since day one. Because of you and others like you, I've learned to listen to my own pace and ease off as needed. To pay attention to how my softly soles could connect with the ground. I've learned about seeing running through another pair of eyes. I really don't think I would have continued with the program without the wisdom and patience you brought to my efforts. I hope to stay in touch as I move into the next phase - yikes! 10k.

  • You lovely man.... thank you! This post was not intended for self glory or anything else... just an affirmation of the ethos of the programme... all of us getting to realise our own goals, safely and enjoyably!

    I will be there.... every step of your way... because I can run 10K you know :) xxx

  • I know thats what you had in mind Floss. 😀 Just wanted to let you know you are making a difference to people like me.

    I know you run 10k and I hope to get there one day too!

  • Oh you will, big man, you will and you, like me will be amazed !

  • Ive read all these comments , and feel exactly the same as everyone else! I hope you understand how much you help people and you truely do deserve that mentor badge

  • I hope you get the message I was trying to convey... this is about everyone and how important we all are :) I am doing the best I can ! Thank youx

  • Thank you Oldfloss, brilliant post. Happy running!

  • Thank you... really I just needed to let folk know how important they are :)

  • Brilliant post Floss, you have so much patience I am in awe!

  • Sometimes Jacs... I have been struggling a bit... but I am getting the hang of things now :)


    Still haven't got my medal yet... ( Not that it matters... but I do have the hook all ready :) xxx

  • Hey Oldfloss, it's not so much the slow but the steady that is great advice. I thank my lucky stars that I discovered the support of this forum, I think the advice I received turned me out of the C25k programme as a better graduate - filled with confidence but not so over exuberant that I burned out too soon. Keep up the good work 😊

  • Thanks... keeping an even keel and staying afloat is the thing! x

  • Thanks Oldfloss. I'm a week into the course and really enjoying it. But the forum really adds to the whole experience. The support and enthusiasm of you all is fantastic.

  • They are a great bunch Tom.... join with some of the Newbies and swap experiences... the folk on here got me through and continue to do so !

  • Well done. It took me till week 3 and reading your posts till I started to pace myself through the run (I like to think of it as adjusting my pace, rather than going slower). Up until then I had been struggling, but I set off slowly and it felt more comfortable all of a sudden. I did it still this morning when I was flagging on my run. It seems obvious when you know, but it is probably the hardest thing to properly learn.

    Your timely reminders are invaluable.

  • Thanks you... it is as you say... about you finding your comfy pace....and being confident enough to do it :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss this is exactly how I am approaching my runs in week 7 - a pace that is steady and comfortable for me (2 down now : )) and it was sage advice as I want to come back to running long term not put myself off. Am feeling great at the end of each one and was even able to try to speed up for the last minute. X

  • That sounds spot on !!! Just take this at your own pace.... :) I will watch for your posts :)

  • Thank you Oldfloss :)

    I am just sitting here having my morning cuppa and about to hit the trail. I have been feeling a bit unsettled this week. Too much work and other commitments has meant I haven't run every other day (as had become my habit) and by last run was a complete and utter practice!

    So gremlinitis has been setting in and I have been feeling anxious about this morning, so I thought whilst I drink my tea, I would check in here for some inspiration.... and what's the first thing I see; a comforting, encouraging and wise post from you. Exactly what I needed. Thank you

    I'm off now....I plan an hour (at my own slow pace) :)

  • I am off now too..across the sea front..let's go together🙂

    Thanks you..☺

  • I always took your advice to mean run at a pace comfortable for me. (I still do) Itoo thought I ran slowly but I am consistently sub 40 mins at my local Parkin which is a mixture of trail, gravel & tarmac ( a very short piece) so I am happy with my time. There is always the temptation when we start out in the C25K to run faster but that just leads to the IC, frustration and the road to giving up. Keep on rambling Oldfloss because I love reading your posts. X

  • Thank you... have followed you from the start and you are brilliant!

  • Well said, Floss. It took me about 4 years until I stopped worrying that I was 'too slow'. What is 'too slow'? For some people, my slow is faster than their fastest day, and yet for others, I am embarrassingly slow. And none of it matters as long as I am happy with my running. I'm just about to set off on a 14k run, and I know that will be a slow one! I will stop and walk a couple of times - which I would never have 'allowed' myself to do a couple of years ago :D I like your phrase happy running pace. Enjoy!

  • Thanks you....the snail ( taken crossing my patio) thought my post IC runs were very entertaining :) We learn as we carry one don't we... Happy runs x

  • Perfect 🙂 Well said floss. I have never understood the need some people have for speed. At the end of the day the slower you run the longer the fun 🤗

    Of course we run fast sometimes when we have to (in races, to escape axe murderers.....) but the LSR's are the best 🙂

  • Just had to get it out there... :)

    The slow runs are a delight aren't they... thought of you today...I did, on my way down to the sea, on my morning run, pass a very odd chap... he was really dishevelled and muttering to himself very angrily..I said good morning but he just glared.... I did think... axe murderer... but I figured I could out run him!!!

  • Yeah....! Or he could have just done his back in 😩

  • 😆

  • Slow and steady is the way to go! It prevents injuries and helps you have a longer, healthier running life. And of course as you run more and get fitter your "slow" changes - you become faster than you used to be. The actual speed depends on where you are in your fitness and running journey. And what I feel most strongly about is that at our level our only competition should be ourselves! Aiming to be a better runner than you used to be does not mean faster but fitter, more efficient. I'm happy with anything that keeps me injury free, and if slow is one way to go then so be it!

  • So true.. I am my only opponent and sometimes, I give in too easily! :)

    I have discovered that my comfy , go for ever, pace is about 7.15 to 7.30 minutes per to get into that on the longer runs:)

    Hope all well with you Shivani :)

  • Hi Oldfloss

    Some months prior to starting this NHS C25K I started another C25K programme. I didn't last very long with it becoming discouraged because I had questions and concerns I couldn't address and demotivated because I could tell with the data at the end of each run that at my pace I would never achieve a 5K run by the time the programme was completed and thus I thought running wasn't for me as I was too slow!

    Finding this forum was a revelation. I quickly realised that many people don't achieve a 5K run in 30 minutes by week 9 and that is absolutely fine. In addition the slow, steady approach ie. finding my own happy, sustainable pace from which to progress on my own running journey was the way forward. It is due to the continual support and advice from you and other experienced graduates that made me consider that I could in fact ' be a runner' after all.

  • We all have felt that...or most of us...finding out, yes, we can run... and enjoy it :)

  • Update; Thanks Oldfloss just ran at my own pace for an hour :)

  • Beautiful.. I did 35 mins :) Sunshine and sea :)

  • It's not just your wisdom about pacing ourselves. It is also your words of encouragement about going out there and enjoying ourselves. My route takes me on a bit of path that is quite narrow and the brambles are now shooting their way into the path. So you have to duck and dive to keep going. Not to be deterred and as the spot is beautiful and close to the RAF station, I stretched out both arms and I became an aeroplane zooming up and over the brambles. I thought 'Oldfloss would be proud'. So thank you for your words of encouragement and keep posting!

  • Yeay...... that is so like me... hurdling over cow parsley... go you. I can just see you doing that.. wonderful! Enjoy xxx

  • yes the inner child sometimes emerges when you run like an Oldfloss

  • Hi old floss, I love the explanation and it's certainly not a ramble. I've never thought of you as a plodder nor an exponent of plodding. I have read many many posts where too many of us spend time wondering are we fast enough, doing enough kms, not red enough and so on. And it seems to me that when we are beset by those doubts, your slow and steady mantra often applies to the thinking behind the running too. Not to get frantic about breathing, or step counts or whatever.

    And when I think of you and chant slow, slow, slower, often it's to get my scatty brain focussed on what needs to be done.

    I love your wise words and your sayings and I think you like so many other gracious folk on here, give so much to help us newbies. I hope to be a steady progressor towards speed, but want to take it with kissing feet...

  • I do take my own advice too Jan, I had to pull back a bit today and I was actually saying in my head... just kiss the ground, kiss the ground.. it worked !

    Thank you for your positive response.... you will, most definitely get there :)

  • I will and in no small part to your help and guidance. And I am glad you use your own advice too. All too often I am a fully paid up member of hypocrites anonymous. ... Keep kissing that ground

  • Funny thing is though Floss, I can only remember you ever using that phrase when helping a very new runner whose legs were aching, and you suggested that as new runners we tend to slap our feet down and instead should try to land lightly and 'kiss' the ground with their feet..if at all possible.

    When taken out of context it becomes a bit of a joke...😯

  • It was indeed me.... :) Thank you for remembering!!!

    It sums up the feeling of lightening the tread and relaxing into it... I was so glad of it this morning!

  • I have only been on here for 6 weeks and all your advise I have took on board . I graduated 3 years ago and all ways wanted to push my speed . Learning from my mistakes I realise now like you say find your comfortable pace which I now do and am enjoying it lots more and taking in the scenery . Thanks for all your good advice and for just kissing the floor which I also do . You are my inspiration .

  • When I say kissing the floor I mean with my feet lol

  • I guessed :)

  • Great stuff... you are going great guns...:)

  • I have to agree completely. I've learned so much since I took up running. It takes time for bones to strengthen, it takes time neuromuscularly to grow and develop, tendons take time to strengthen, building a cardio base takes time but most importantly, we want to avoid injuries and we know we lose much progress and time when injured.

    I thought I'd die after my first 30 seconds. Now, I can run 90 minutes - I had to break myself from pushing to hard. It pays to slow down.

    My speed is increasing slowly and I'm fine with that. 🙂

    54 and growing.

  • You are doing amazingly... I love your posts!

  • Perfect, sensible, considered advice - I agree with every word -

    Keep on keeping on........even if it means a ranting ramble from time to time! Xx

  • Tee hee.. thanks.. most of my rambles are about my runs... much pleasanter :)

  • Wise words

    I sometimes get frustrated that I can't run faster but then remember where I was 2 years ago, a new graduate who was super happy and being able to run for 30 minutes without dying.

    My pace is pretty much the same I have done a couple of increase your speed programs and I did but then started training for a half marathon so distance was the goal.

    I now realise others will be faster than me for various reasons but I am a runner,I have done several 5k and 10k completed my first half marathon and signed up for a second,I do OCRs and bloody love them.

    And advantage of being slow is you get to enjoy the view much more and big cheers at the finish from all your speedy mates who finished before you.

    Slow and proud

  • Great reply... main thing... you are a runner... and you enjoy it :)

  • I've run 5K in 33 and bit, run a nonstop 10K in 1:20 something and regularly knock out 5ks in 40 minutes or less without too much trouble.

    just this morning I ran 2.1 miles in 26 minutes. Was knackered at the end of it too!

    That was damn good though after a week of no running and lungs full of brick dust from work.

    Context is everything : )

    All I know is I literally nearly had a cardiac arrest on day one now I feel like not only am I going to live longer but its going to be a life worth living. Feel very good about myself and my health because of running.

    'Good runs' and 'not so good' runs, 'practice runs' and 'success' runs - we all have them and always will. Trick is to just run to the reasonable limits of our own capability on any given day - that keeps it the healthiest of addictions ;)

  • Exactly... your journey.... your pace .... enjoyment :) x

  • I have to admit that sometimes I wish I could go faster but then I think back to 8/9 weeks ago. I was the typical couch potato - unfit, inactive, overweight and getting on (a bi!). I have now completed 8 weeks and although I do take extra rest days for tiredness I have had no injuries and am so much fitter. It has been so important for you to tell me that slow and steady is the way to go. It means that I don't feel I have to push beyond what is comfortable. I am genuinely amazed I have come this far and it's only with the help of you Oldfloss

  • Hadn't finished!! You oldflosd and the rest of this forum! We are all amazing 😁😁

  • We most certainly are.... every single one of us!

  • Hi there Oldfloss. I am increasing my distances every week as I am preparing for my third half marathon in September, and I can confirm: Slow & steady is the key if you want to run long distances and stay injury free.

    I like your new title! Very fitting ❤️

  • Wow... what a running journey you are having... !!!

    Thanks you... x

  • Wise words Oldfloss....I never thought of you as slow...just wise & full of advice and encouragement....slow & steady is a mantra that I take with me every time I step out with my running kit on...& that's because of you! And then there's the 'Oldfloss' hiding behind lampposts, in the bushes or wherever I'm starting to wane...

    I'm still a newbie & am struggling with W5R3 sat here this morning wondering if I should even bother having another attempt..but now I have read your post I am off to put my trainers on! Thank you Oldfloss for all the encouragement so far!!!

  • Yeay... get off out there.. and just run and enjoy!

    My rest day today... so a walk along the coast on the Llyn Peninsula!

    But.. that does not mean I will not be hiding on your route... us mentors have magic powers... :) Mentor by day but Ninja by night :)

    Have a great run :)

  • 😂😂 thanks Oldfloss...enjoy your beautiful sounding walk 😊

  • Awww Oldfloss I would never have moved forward and completed W4 without your wise words of "slow n steady" or "Kiss the pavement " ..... They roll round in my head every time I set out the door along with "Keep Running keep smiling " I take on board the very wise words and the image of very strong experienced people who actually know how to RUN ....Slow n steady sets me up for my 30 min now as for some reason the very first run is always the hardest for me.... I think I was setting off to fast and too heavy.... kissing the pavement sorted that out too and makes me smile..... This is a great program with excellent advice from experienced runners 🏃🏽‍♀️ 💋

  • You are doing brilliantly!!!! I love your name image too... I can do this!!! Great!

    Well done...:)

  • Happiness for me was realising it doesn't matter how fast or slow you are, so long as you know yourself and how to pace yourself for the run you plan to do. Knowing how fast I can go and sustain 5k without stopping, knowing how slow I need to be if I want to run for an hour and a half, knowing how long I can sprint etc. It all adds to the joy of being a runner.

  • So true... my point exactly... your journey... your pace..:)

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