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7.1 miles 99° F heat index. 37.5° C

7.1 miles 99° F heat index. 37.5°  C

Ran a good four miles and had to start walking at about 4.6 miles. Starting having pain in the ball of my foot. Walked the rest of the way with some intermittent short runs. When I got back it was 90° F with a heat index of 99° F. That's 37.5° C - Humidity was falling and ended up at 57% by the time I finished. My personal humidly was "soaking wet" though. My feet feel like imma gonna feel it tomorrow! (and for the next 4 days)

11:43 AM on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lunch Run

7.1mi, 1:49:35, 15:24/mi

Calories 1,397 (at least)

Sharing a sunset from South Alabama.

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Am heading to Kansas City tomorrow. running stuff in my hand luggage but may just be too hot. Hoping to see the eclipse next week.

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Early mornings are best. 🙂

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