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W1R1 - I did it ! So just a few questions...

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I thought that I would cheat a little bit and go up to a track through the fields close to where we live so that I didnt have to run through the village.

The 5min brisk walk was no problem, I can walk for miles. Then it was the 1st run.

Ooooof. I didnt know that after no exercise for about 20 years that 60 seconds could last so long. By the end of the 2nd 60s my calf muscles were burning.

But then I got through number 5 and there is an old electricity pylon next to one of the fields alongside the track. I have made it my mental halfway point to touch the pylon each time (even though it was more than halfway!)

I then seemed to really enjoy the run/walk back down the track. It was if it was no effort. I was wobbling and huffing and puffing but loving it.

I seem to still be heavy on my feet and landing on my heels but hey, it was the first time I had run for 20 years.

I always used business travel as an excuse not to start a fitness training regime but not now. My trainers will be getting packed. Will be a great way to see where I am visiting as well rather than just staying in the hotel.

So the questions:

1. I'm guessing its normal for my calves to be sore. What stretching exercises should I be doing? It seems to be a 50/50 split on stretching in cool down from what I have read.

2. I have always enjoyed swimming as it is easier on my knees. Would it be advised or not to go to the pool for 25 mins on my non running days (Tues, Thurs)

Looking forward to Weds now !

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Brilliant stuff

Tread lighter if you can, the heavier the pounding the harder it is. Oldfloss always says to kiss the ground with your feet.

Swimming is non impact and an excellent exercise so I see no reason why not, but there are probably more experienced folks than I to advise you.

And you're right 60 seconds seemed like 60 minutes to me when I first did it. But give it a couple of weeks and you'll be giggling at the thought of just 60 seconds, I promise you.

stretching advice below


in reply to Jancanrun

I just did!!! :)


I do love to swim and will be adding that to my rest days as soon as my local pool is refurbished. Other than that, I do daily knee strengthening


As well as use a massage stick before and after each run.

Other than that well done on your run. Keep it up :)


My calfs burnt for quite a while I'm afraid. But then I was super unfit and the whole thing's was a bit of a shock (to say the least) to my system. I listened to music to try to take my mind off it, but pylons is a good idea too ! Good luck and enjoy the programme (even if you might swear at it at times ) πŸ˜‚



Always stretch after a run... knotted muscles are sooooo painful! Warming up well, essentail too :)

Aches and pains are normal at first... they should pass... Swimming, walking, cycling,climbing, housework or gardening.. anything non- impact on rest days is great! Building up stamina and strength is essential :)

Try landing lightly... I call it, kissing the ground with your feet :).... and those track and trail runs are just great aren't they?

Running tourism is great fun too... and will keep you feeling on top form for your work too!

So, welcome to this great forum... keep it steady and slow, take your rest days, listen to your body..( it will grumble a tad at first) and keep posting!

Well done you!



I had a telegraph pole to touch as my halfway..... trouble was in winter, in the dark or fog, I used to bump into it... in the middle of a field too!!! :)

Muscle aches after your first day are really just the shock of the new. It won't always be like that.

Swimming on rest days is a splendid idea and will probably go a lot further to helping your muscle aches than a few stretches.

Pylon sounds a great idea. Apparently the actor who plays Charles Vane in the Netflix series Black Sails, who is, according to ladies of my acquaintance, quite 'hot', got in shape for the part by running a HM every morning and stopping at pylons to do 50 pullups.

I would not necessarily recommend that for Week 1 though.

Well done. Others have given you brilliant advice. All I would add is that it takes time to get used to a pace that suits you. Just make sure that pace is slow and steady and you will be fine.

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