It was one of THOSE runs :D

It was one of THOSE runs :D

I started my after-work life with walking Lori (my highly energetic and enthusiastic dog - American Stafford Terrier / Labrador Mix) to make her a little tired, let her cool down for about 10 min and off we went.

The weather was amazing, the sun was making me smile, warm (but not hot) temperature made me happy :) The first minutes of running was a prayer for my lungs to remind themselves what they were supposed to do. And then... it suddenly clicked and my body knew exactly what to do. So we ran to the nearby 'forest', i.e. few trees via my neighbourhood. After some struggling and corrections, Lori also knew how to jog with me.

Before I even noticed the first 10 minutes was over and Laura told me that I can walk for 3 minutes, so I let Lori off the leash to enjoy freedom between trees. As I saw she was hot and desperately looking for some water to cool herself down, I decided to change the route and go to the path along the canal, so she can have a bath / swim. In the meantime we started the second round of 10 minute run, but after 3 or maybe 4 minutes we reached Lori's swimming area, so I stopped to make not only me, but also her happy. This is this Labrador water-loving part of her personality. For some time I was walking and she was swimming. Then I rewind the podcast to start my second 10 minute run again. Yeap, in the end I was running a bit more than I suppose to :P We were running on this nice path, but as Lori was distracted by the water so much that she was trying to get in in every possible, and impossible, place, I decided to have a detour on the nearby field. As we were running we came across fallen tree, so we had to run through the field of wheat (or bran). At that time I found this rough massage of my calves quite useful, interesting, or even nice. We finished our run with 5 min (or maybe 7 min) cool down walk. So in total I was out, walking+jogging for almost 50 minutes. I have no idea if I got lost in time or my watch and Endomondo is lying to me, as it didn't feel like so long.

This was the second time I experienced this feeling of not wanting to stop. I wanted to run, and run, and run. It felt incredibly pleasing and liberating.

As I came home I felt this terrible itching on my calves. Instead of stretching I went to shower to discover afterwards that my all legs, between shorts and socks, are all red, still itching with some minor cuts all over them. I put Bepanthen on them, so now they are good, or at least better. I think I have some kind of skin allergy to whatever was on that field. But even, this didn't ruin my happiness and joy.

This was one of THOSE runs, when I, the run hater, feels I LOVE RUNNING! I want to run all the time, can I go out and run again, like NOW?

Thank you everybody who keep encourage me, motivate me, and keep me smiling. In the end when you put on the scale all those bad runs and 1 or 2 those amazing runs, suddenly you see that the bad ones are so forgettable that it is all worth this feeling.

Enjoy your day / evening / night. Enjoy your runs and embrace the bad ones as they are leading to those amazing ones.


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14 Replies

  • 'The bad ones are so forgettable ' - love it! Love your post - love to the point of fierce jealousy your running/swimming companion. Well done, you!!!

  • Thank you :) My companion today was very well behaved, to the point that even I envy myself :P

    I'm still in love with this run <3

  • Glorious!!!

    And I very nearly went against all those who were encouraging you to run, thinking that you had described the scenario for an epic ..... practice run...... that's what we are calling them now.

    Not every run can be like that but when they turn up, out of the blue (and against the odds, I would say) then they make all the grey slogs worthwhile.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • It was against the odds. But my goal was just to go out and do what I can. And I did ;)

    I will be smiling for some time now :)

  • Lovely post! I haven't had a run like this in a while, having been on the injury couch and now getting various niggles as I try to return! BUT I remember runs like this and know I will have many more in the future, so thank you for reminding me of the JOY!!! 🙂

  • It happened to me once before and since then I was looking forward to feeling it again. But the only way to feel it again is going oit and running again and again without any expectations. And suddenly when you least expect it, IT happens :)

    I wish you many more of joyful runs, as I am sure they will come.

  • Yeay!!!!! Enough said... I knew you would do it!!!

  • Thank you Oldfloss. Your encouragements mean a lot to me.

  • What a fab post - I'm deeply envious of your run - it sounds wonderful!

  • It was :)

    Keep running, keep smiling, and you will have such run ;)

  • Runs like this make it all worthwhile. Lori is probably posting the canine equivalent on doggy Facebook and telling everyone how great her last run was! Glad you're feeling the love😈👍

  • Oh yes, she did posted a lot, on many lawns, trees, wiyh a full review of the run & swim at the end on common field / futball ground by rubbing her back against the grass ;)

  • IgaT well what can I stay? You met with the running gods obviously. It made you so happy and the result was amazing. And you are not a run hater... you truly are a running converter. Brilliant inspiring post

  • Well, in the past I truely hated to run :P

    But hey ho, I am converted now :) As I am not a believer, the gods needed to have a party with me, so I could believe in them. And so we did have a nice one yesterday :)

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