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Final week day 1 😀

I ran for 30 mins non- stop woohoo !!! Giggled to myself about how worried I was about running for 3 mins a few weeks ago and here I am running for 30 mins, I'm as slow as a slow thing running through treacle but I am still doing it.

Got home, had a glass of water and a cuppa then went dreadfully cold and really really tired. Pulled on a hoodie and snuggled under a blanket with the dog for a couple of hours . Still not feeling great, I have eaten and drunk as normal today so nothing different there... any ideas ? It's a bit odd 🤔

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It is not uncommon and seems to relate to low blood sugar, but I have never really looked into it as it has never happened to me. I always drink a pint of lukewarm, very dilute apple juice immediately before a run and as long as I have eaten and hydrated as normal the day before then I can't imagine it happening to me.

Google it and you will find quite a lot of questions but not many answers.

A warm straight after a run is great for evening up temperature.


Sounds a bit like a sugar dip, possibly just a one off.

What caused it , blowed if I know could be so many things and as a one off I don't think I'd worry to much


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