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Another run completed, some technological highs and lows, too. I love my tech and so run with my phone, watch and headphones from that successful big fruit company in America.

Mrs number73 phoned me a couple of minutes in, which was great because I could actually still speak! I listen to music or podcasts whilst running so the phone cuts them out for the call, afterwards a tap on the headphones and a 'play' command from me starts them-up again. However, I thought Michael was being quiet during this run and it turns out that the C25K app had stopped running with all this interruption.

No big problem, I know, but I could really have done with his encouragement when someone of a similar age and build ran past me at the blue circle shown in the image attached. Boy that hurt!

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You could always put your phone on aeroplane mode.


This is true, be nice if it all just worked, though! ;)


I have the same problem with the fruit phone. I have map my run in the background, Mr Smooth talking and my music. When I set the house alarm, Mr Smooth goes awol. My experience is that Mr Smooth gets successively more quiet the further in you are to the programme... but good work you great run

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