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Early Early Morning Week 3 Run 2

I was up and out by 6:45 this morning for my run 😁 Due to a day out planned for the kids and Mrs HS.

Never thought I would be going out at that time in a morning with a smile on my face, let alone because it's because I'm out on my run!! Loved it though ❤️ Can't wait till Saturday for my third run.

However before now I have never really noticed the roads undulations before!!! Even roads that I thought were flat are NOT!!! 🤔😏 due to where I live I am pretty much surrounded by mini hills and ramps!! Hopefully it will stand me in good stead in the future..

Have a very happy day all, run day or non-run day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Good on you. I know what you mean about seemingly flat routes now presenting as undulating. I swear my route is uphill both ways! Keep up the good work.


😂😂 so true bareliz

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I was the same and got told off by partner who has a long term condition that means she has less energy. She's been telling me for years that certain roads were hard work because of the hill and I have been saying this is flat. Now you see what I mean she says!

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Mr JCR is a cyclist and he says they are called false flats.... for me the fact that both words begin with F says it all! So enjoy your run 3 if you're loving it so soon then that is a good forecast for your graduation. Good luck next time out

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